Knife Thrower v.s. Zombies

Here is a montage featuring some Bo McNees Custom, Twister Knives using Spear-Style Techniques on some zombie targets. Here is a link to Bo’s Ebay page and…

48 thoughts on “Knife Thrower v.s. Zombies

  1. ShineyD000m says:

    Hello. im new to knife throwing and have been doing well with no spin and ok with spin throwing, However Ive seen some method of a no reload throw. Wounding if you have done a video on this? if not i would enjoy your view and a short walkthur  from your prospective. Hope to see what you think ill be watching.

  2. taylen delgado says:


  3. The Creator is watching you says:

    RC, Im a new fan bro… And I pray you can find the strength and courage to employ these tactics to do this against REAL ENEMIES, REAL MEN who would come ashore and try to take our country…IF SO… I WILL SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD. GODBLESS BROTHER.

  4. samoth chipmah says:

    great video and great throwing.thorn style is the coolest 😉
    which knives do you use,or what are the best for no spin?
    mine are normal throwing knives 26cm 120 gramm.
    perhaps you have time to watch some of my videos(very short) and give me some tips.
    thank you very much.

  5. Art of Swords says:

    Love the video man, Making some videos too, almost the same genre style, but nothing as impressive as this. you have some mad skillz dude. wish i could throw a knife period lol, i cant even throw a baseball i dont think. thats some pretty good stuff man

  6. Thomas Ulmann says:

    Bo Twisters arrived and I've had the weekend to try them out. The ones I have have a more aggressive slim-line point. A little agricultural quality wise but they are for throwing, and the price is not going to break the bank.
    Firstly they fly true. Penetration is outrageous. Mine look mean too. You can get them to stick out to 30ft which is on par with Flying Steel's Shur-Knives. 20ft is their, and my, comfort zone and they seem to want to group tight. Early days but accuracy seems there.

  7. Thomas Ulmann says:

    Bo is a really nice guy but because I'm in the UK the Twisters will take a few weeks to get over the pond to me. Can't wait.
    The real problem I have is throwing in the rain or with wet knives from morning dew. It really effects the slip as skin and steel seems to stick and effect the release. The heavier knife the better to break the sucker effect.
    Your videos are truly excellent and giving me the confidence to try some of your tricks. So thank you.

  8. Thomas Ulmann says:

    Looks like you had fun making it; just shows how effective the Thorn throwing system is. Have a couple of Bo twisters on their way. Just tried the Flying Steel Shur-knives and they are superb. The large 11.75" flies the truest. Do you have a preference? How do you compare them to the twisters?
    Keep up the good work.

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