Knife Throw vs. Fast Draw – Cisko Master Gunfighter



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39 thoughts on “Knife Throw vs. Fast Draw – Cisko Master Gunfighter

  1. Kayla Marie says:

    Cisko would make the most awesome Hero, Sheriff..Bad guy whatever in a good Western. Cisko's look puts me in mind of the badass rattlesnake character in the animated movie Rango starring Johnny Depp lol.

  2. Sean Woodburn says:


    I love that we got to watch you develop this shot!

    So many of these videos just show the end result and give the impression that exhibition shooters just do these feats naturally. Folks don't understand the hard work involved.

    Using McGiverns book as a guide it took me nearly a year to GET five shots on a playing card at all let alone under one second with a model 17 S&W. That was 50 CB caps per day in my parents basement plus dry fire exercises as well. Ya gotta be a bit obsessed…

    Anyway, I would love to see more video like this where we see you work on a challenge.


  3. me Me says:

    * yawns*! Why didn’t Bat Materson there; throw with his left hand and shoot with his left ? This isn’t like … rocket science … us lefties have been doing this kind of thing in the shadows for years ….

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