25 thoughts on “Knife Stabbing Drill

  1. Mortgage Financing says:

    There is an expert born every minute .The experts with limited or no experience.What ever happen to the old school when masters taught self defense. It seems like every Tom Dick and Harry that reads a book or takes some martial arts classes is an expert.

  2. Andre Soto says:

    Hey Nick,
    I notice most of your videos involve knife defense. What are your thoughts on gun defense. Also, thanks for all your great videos. Your tips are the most helpful, and realistic. Thanks.

  3. Mr.SprinklePants says:

    Great lesson. I learned the same concept from shaolin gung fu. I'm learning to go with my opponent (not force on force –> <–) and feel them. A real punch can be very fast and my eyes may not catch it. It would be too late when I do see it.

  4. Dwayne Dmello says:

    hey nick u always say that to talk down a person and your last resort should be fighting, but what if that person cannot talk the same language as you are and is just getting aggravated how can i calm that situation down? 

  5. Ken Shiro says:

    Nice. The FMA and Silat have a big emphasis on this too. Developing sensitivity by always keeping contact with the opponent's arms, so that you can "feel" when they move and in which direction they move.

    Take care. Keep it up.

  6. Mat Broomfield says:

    Nick, I appreciate you trying to offer valuable self defence skills, but following the maxim that you devote the majority of your time working on the scenarios that you're most likely to encounter, don't you think that practicing a 1 in 50,000 scenario is a waste of valuable practice time?

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