Knife Sparring in Filipino Martial Arts : Wrestling & Martial Arts Techniques



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5 thoughts on “Knife Sparring in Filipino Martial Arts : Wrestling & Martial Arts Techniques

  1. zoolkhan says:

    Pretty sure the philipine car mechanic who told him that would have fun watching this.
    I wonder how large the list of weekend-courses with participation certificates at the end, this guy calls his own.

    sometimes "i am a mixed martial artist" just means:

    "i dont know the origin of my techniques, i have had no proper teacher.. i found it in a magazine in the doctors waiting room" and "i am too young to have studied anything in depht,i dont even know the name of the 'philipinian mart art'…"

  2. ZarlanTheGreen says:

    Serrated edge?
    This guy is brilliant. You never know what kind of ludicrous bullshit he'll say next.
    I love how he's doing his "cutting" motion, with a motion and facial expression, that makes him look like he is retarded, in every sense of that word.
    The mere fact that eHow let's this guy do these "instructional" videos, shows me that the people at eHow are complete idiots and that nothing on eHow should be trusted.

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