Knife Sharpening With Mino Tsuchida

28 thoughts on “Knife Sharpening With Mino Tsuchida

  1. John Dennett says:

    i guess i'm doing it right after all. LOL
    My step father learned in japan during WW2 and taught me the same way.
    Mino Tsuchida knows what he is talking about but i bet he does not use a guide when he sharpens his own equipment. (i don't)

  2. Will Scrudato says:

    first, I could listen to him talk all day. second, I love my globals (I like the shun better) third, it was funny when he said the guide rail was better than his technique

  3. Ghryst VanGhod says:

    "foreign grinding"..?
    bullshit, unless yr talking about cheap chinese or indian knives from the $2 store..
    european, american, australian and arabic knives are sharpened exactly the same way as the supposed "japanese grinding".. why? because science, not because sushi.
    this entire video is a bullshit sales gimmick

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