Knife Sharpening Tools and Techniques

13 thoughts on “Knife Sharpening Tools and Techniques

  1. Joseph Horta says:

    I am basically a city/suburb boy from San Jose CA, a novice compared to you. So after research I bought a good diamond sharpener for my pack. But being the dork that I am I decided to practice sharpening using my new Tops B.O.B. Fieldcraft Knife. Ended up with a razor edge but yeah as you stated the diamonds tend to take more metal and I scratched the blade face. Ugh. Now I don't mind scratches as long as they were had actually using the knife as a tool. My Buck Alpha Hunter skinner has plenty of scratches but because I use it around the house, at the park and out in my backyard a lot. In fact I was able to refurbish the edge on my skinner and get it back to razor. However it is a different steel S30V stainless vs. the 1095 high carbon on my Tops B.O.B. I thought I could be more forceful with my B.O.B because of the steel. Nope, scratched a brand new blade.

    So the diamond is good while out backpacking when you need a sharp edge but is sort of a messy way to sharpen the tool. I didn't know enough about sharpening at home to buy a stone… and since I sucked at sharpening and scratched my BOB I bought a belt system for sharpening my knives.

  2. oldfrogdivin says:

    Good video, I have been sharpening knives for years and still suck at it, Mayhap cause im half blind??  With even worse depth perception!. I still give it a go and continually hone all my blades. Thanks for the upload you earned a sub. Frog

  3. fiftytwodelta says:

    If I may make a mild suggestion, use a scrap piece of leather or smooth card board to strop the edge to a polish and instead of cutting paper as a test of sharpness, try filleting the paper without cutting through it. Great tutorial for getting started!

  4. jamsnation says:

    my only issue is using a 750 grit after using a 1000 grit seems very counter productive. i have the smith sharpener and it wont put a razor edge on a knife, that 1000 grit wiil come close however

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