Knife Sharpening : Knife Sharpening Angles

Different knives have different edge angles. Knowing the edge angle of the knife you are sharpening will help get it sharp. Learn how to determine the best angle …

25 thoughts on “Knife Sharpening : Knife Sharpening Angles

  1. David says:

    Can you recommend the brand stone, leather strop, and rod (for serrated edges), and anything else to get for a beginner sharpening kitchen knives? Thanks

  2. whynottalklikeapirat says:

    … and dually repetitive in a recurring, auxiliary way that seems to restate the same cyclical tautology over and over, extraneously reduplicating the supplementary effort to superabundant excess – by twice revisiting and rehashing the same thing to death!

  3. fuck your comments says:

    some kershaws are 30 degree angle but to find out the exact angle for YOUR blad take a sharpie marker to both sides of the edge of your blade, angle it what you think it will be an look to see if the marker is off the edge

  4. AnomalyTea says:

    @JesusFuckingChrist84 Everything I said is 100% true. You certainly can get somewhat durable, low-angle, sharp knives. However, a higher angle will ALWAYS be more durable, and just as usable. In any situation, I would RELY on my 25 degree pocketknife over your knife in a heartbeat (RELIABILITY of a knife is significant, otherwise why carry one?). The difference in sharpness is negligible. The difference in durability is significant.
    I would not RELY on an axe ground lower than 30 degrees.

  5. AnomalyTea says:

    30 degrees per side is plenty sharp, I can assure you of that. I can also assure you that you need to pick the right angle for the application. Don't even try sharpening an axe at 17.5 degrees… it'll lose that edge in a single swing.
    Basically you can choose either to have a shaving-sharp knife, or a knife that lasts more than 3 cuts before getting dull, not both… unless you carry 2 knives. (extreme example, but you get my point)

  6. TzunSu says:

    @KeithWasHere1 2000 grit is still fairly rough, but it will take the hair off your arm. If you want it to cut falling hairs, u should go up to 6-8000.

  7. TzunSu says:

    @kongso12 Your joking right? Pretty much any experienced bladesmith or woodsman will be using benchstones, and they can get those far sharper then a Lansky. The Lansky has some fairly serious faults for when you want it shaving sharp, and the fixed angles are a problem.

    Try sharpening a scandinavian ground blade sometime, it acts as its own angle guide.

  8. blowupuate13 says:

    @JesusFuckingChrist84 yeah but 30 will hold the edge better! that is why i use… and lol a pocket knife at 40!?!? you must never have to sharpen that pocket knife… i think that victorinox is a little dumb for putting 15 degree blade on their knives… i want my pocket knives to be durable but sharp so i use 30 on mine. 15 is way to sharp for a pocket knife but you can always take off the factory edge! in the end it is up to the knife's owner and his preference!

  9. Karl Miller says:

    Thank you for the info. It was very helpfull. And as much as you would like to slap the troll he does get satisfied with your reaction so if i were you i would ignore him. Again thankyou for the vidio on angles.

  10. Cottidae says:

    @DaemonTFO No, I really don't get it, and it's not my fault. If someone doesn't understand you, it's you who have the problem. You're like a bad teacher. A bad teacher can only teach the ones who think like them. Let's just say… we don't.

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