Knife Sharpening Basics

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  1. Robert Schmidt says:

    + Martin Hawrylkiewicz Urban myths about pulling steel or pushing steel just confuse people. Old school used to teach edge first sharpening simply because of safety. Old folding knives had no locks on them so aggressive sharpening in a edge trailing or "stropping" style could close the blade on your fingers. Why learn 2 styles? So many people just sharpened fixed blades the same way…just easier to use 1 style so you don't daydream one day and sharpen the wrong knife the wrong way and get hurt. Somehow, observers mistook this style as a superior sharpening style and assigned all sorts of voodoo to it. Along came locking blades and soon they dominated the market to such a degree that slip joints are almost extinct and thus we can sharpen edge trailing now without worries. So now you can strop a razor or sharpen a folder and a fixed blade all using the same style. In fact some of the most efficient sharpening is done back and forth or "Japanese" style. Have fun and develope your own style and use any and all combinations of stones and stroke patterns…x pattern…j pattern…circles…whatever. It really doesn't matter as long as you get the results you want and you are happy with the edge you get then you did it right.

  2. Martin Hawrylkiewicz says:

    Question…. Should you ever pull the knife towards you when the edge of the knife is on the diamond stone… Most of the vids using diamond sharpeners have people always pushing the knifes edge against the surface of the diamond surface… However last night I saw a vid of a guy by the name of JDavis who was using back and forth motion on the diamond surface, for each side of the knife…. So I am just looking to hear some opinions on this.

  3. MyREDTAIL says:

    After all of the years of using Horning oil on my Good Arkansas Stones,? They started to clog up,? From the Oil,? And did not work well at all.? I read, that if you soak the Stones in either kerosene,? Or Charcoal lighter fluid ( Same Stuff as the Kerosene) & a Brush,? It will clean the stones from the Oil,? And the Metal, that is in them.? Also said to use the kerosene, Instead of any Horning oil when using the Stones.? Well what a difference.? works great.? Then after the Stones I got into the Leather Strops etc.? Thanks for sharing your video, some great tips etc.?

  4. Ning3n says:

    Thank you for the tips! I have the Smith sharpening tool, and I've been using quite a bit too much pressure to sharpen my blades. The polishing compound is a very beneficial trick as well (I've normally just polished my edge on the leg of my jeans as I wear them.)

  5. MyREDTAIL says:

    I Love & been using a few Arkansas Sharping Stones, For the last 30 Yrs, Smokey Mountain Knifeworks,? Sells them all @ a Great price,? That will not break the Bank,? Some Honing OIl,? Is all you will need for these Stones Etc.?

  6. Lonnie Clemens says:

    I didn't know that sharpening a knife could be so complicated. Not sure what to do now. I have started a knife collection and would like to keep collecting. Would be interested in joining a website where people talk about knives etc…

  7. Doomsday Girl says:

    I have a question how do you get burs out of your knife and axe. I just bought the Condor bushlore knife and used it once batoning and it has burs. same with my mora axe.

  8. Darignobullseye says:

    I have been working on learning how to sharpen my knife. This video really helped fill in a lot of gaps. It was great to see the different simple systems. Very helpful since the diamond one happens to be the same one I bought. I can start sharpening now. Thank you again.

  9. Ben Shomer says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. May I add a couple of tips…
    Never sharpen with the knife moving towards your hand! Very easy to cut yourself.
    Sharpening is better done by pulling rather than pushing.

  10. Okie homa says:

    Thanks for the advice.  I've got a Tormek system I bought about 10 years ago for my gouges and chizzes (it's a wet stone and leather belt system) and it's got the holders/jigs for knives but for some reason I like the idea of hand sharpening.  I've got several knife sharpeners and I got out my Smith's diamond sharpener like the one you have in this video.  I thought the long soft-ish motions are the correct way but you watch shows like Alaska Bush People or Alaska the Last Frontier and they use the exact same stuff like the Smiths only they make little circles.  I don't get it, that doesn't work, tried it and it's like "did I make it duller".   Confusing, Smiths need to fold up directions or something with their products.  anyways  thanks for the video, time for me to get to work on these blades.

  11. Hiker1792 says:

    I have the Buck Skinner which is hollow ground. Its tricky to sharpen because of the contours of the blade so I have been using the Smiths pocket sharpener. This requires puling back on the blade. Is it bad to sharpen a knife I guess we could say "against the grain" of the way it was originally sharpened? Hope this makes sense and someone can help. Thanks! 

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