Knife Sharpening ☆ 包丁研ぎ

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    My cooking school still hasn't taught me how to sharpen a knife with a stone. The bad thing is, I bought some good knives but they had 3 months of intense use because of my work experience. Because I don't know how to sharpen them with a stone, I've only been honing them but I can definitely notice a big diference between the first month and now. I remember I cut so many sponges washing them in the first month and I did cut my finger tip off with my chef's knife but because it was so sharp I barelly felt it

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    On the blade reads "Kramer by Zwilling" – Bob Kramer: since 1995 he has his studio in Seattle. Bob has signed a contract with the firm "Zwilling & Henkels" a series of knives "Kramer by Zwilling". "Zwilling & Henkels" – old German knife company, which in 2004 bought a little-known production K.K.Nippa (Seki city) Japan. Prior to this, Bob Kramer has worked with the company "Shun", but the quality of the knives did not reach the level of "Kramer"

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