Knife Self-Defense | Pencak Silat Impact Disarms

Knife Defense | Pencak Silat Impact Disarms Silat Guro Ed Wong shows us some Pencak Silat Impact Disarms for knife self-defense….

13 thoughts on “Knife Self-Defense | Pencak Silat Impact Disarms

  1. Daniel Skipp says:

    Some good stuff, some inefficient stuff that often won't work on a real attack… Hitting the body before dealing with the knife arm? Slapping the body for "sensory overload"? Come on! Forget the body, deal with the knife ASAP and/or attack the head.

  2. jason fowler says:

    Surprises me to see this shit from a Silat instructor. Would any of this shit work for Silat attacks with a weapon? Fuck no….NO ONE throws out lollypop attacks like that. You MAY get the 1st redirection/block off, but my IMMEDIATE redirection would open your arm to the bone and your experience would rapidly get worse from there seeing as how you we dumb enough to still be in the area trying this stupid shit. Your 2nd and 3rd moves would touch only sharpened steel. This is retarded.

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