Knife, self-defense and control Mikhail Ryabko in Toronto 2001



24 thoughts on “Knife, self-defense and control Mikhail Ryabko in Toronto 2001

  1. escrima says:

    For all you fan boys out there, this is the reality of getting brutally attacked by another human being, armed or unarmed, firstly most of us lesser beings who don't match up to Mr Ryabco's God like status will start to shake or tremble, your mouth will become dry, it will be hard to swallow, light headiness may follow, weaknesses in the legs, all those fine motor skills you learned in the gym ( those pretty little disarming moves) will disappear, you will have to rely on your gross motor skills(big sweeping moves) and the one thing I have never heard any instructor mention, the releasing of bowel contents, yes shiting or pissing yourself or both, IT HAPPENS, so get used to the idea. A knife stab or deep cut can cause the body to go into shock(Paul Vunack) not to mention bleeding to death quite quickly. If your instructor tells you he is a knife fighter, he is probably a liar or fantasist, ask to see his puncture and stab wounds, Even the best boxers in the world have to trade punches sometimes even with a lesser boxer . I started learning escrima 40 years ago, the knife training I was taught was the same as this shit, it didn't work then and it does not work now I used to ask my instructors to get padded up-and- let me attack however i wanted, full speed with aggression, I was ways turned down, I wonder why?

  2. cristache says:

    haha… 1:00 check Vlad in the background pranking and doing knife disarms. Nobody pointed that out yet. Big problem! People that comment on youtube rarely have any OBSERVATION or MA skill. They don't have skills because they don't practice. They don't practice because they are on youtube watching movies. Don't worry about Mikhail Ryabko's skill. Better worry that while you watch youtube somebody will sneak up on you with a sockfull of shit and beat you to death with it.

  3. theocp says:

    yeah that is an unfortunate mistake, but at least noticeable and fixable when training at this speed and it's always good to learn to work from a bad position. however this is 1 of many knife exercises done to get a better understanding of knife work… and at a later stage for more experienced people a real knife is used. Even if the attacker were to go at full speed, Mikhail would still be very calm and relaxed because relaxation is 1 of 4 core ideas of Systema

  4. Ronny Jacobsen says:

    Great stuff! No, it's greater than great.. It's the greatest!

    Whoever doesn't get how expert this work is, has something in their eye, or some tension disturbing their minds, or a poor understanding of how the body-mind works.

    I want to train with this man!

  5. Ced says:

    you know those are mostly sensitivity drills, to get a feel for the knife and how to move in relation to it. This is not aimed to emulate a real life fight but it will create automated reactions/pattern recognition/muscle memory which might allow you to go through a knife fight with only minor injuries.

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