Knife review Protech tr4 feather grip



I’m really getting into automatic knives you’re just so much fun to play with in years. Protech make some of the best stuff out there and this is my short review.

4 thoughts on “Knife review Protech tr4 feather grip

  1. Crimson Bolt says:

    There still doing the 154 cm. My tr 5 is s35vn n my tr 4 I got today in the mail is the feather grip with a stone washed blade I think with 154 cm. Depends on which one you get. I wish I could’ve found one with cpmD2 but protech does a wonderful job on their heat treat! I’m a huge protech fan man!! I want the tr 4 with the skull in the handle with a Damascus blade so bad!! I think it’s a Bruce Shaw edition I think I’m not sure! The tr 5 is to small for me I have huge hands but this 4 is amazing!!! Yours is sweet!! Wonder if you still have it? The desert sand one is sweet too!!

  2. mr. jinks says:

    Got this knife today, my first Protech. Wow, what a great knife! Fires out with authority. Love the feather grip. Very grippy while still being comfortable. Excellent fit and finish. Certainly won't be my last Protech.

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