Knife Pressed Against Your Neck!! — Keys to Surviving it…

If you do not already own an AkuStrike knife, you need to get one. We hardly ever actually recommend anything. This one, we recommend.

21 thoughts on “Knife Pressed Against Your Neck!! — Keys to Surviving it…

  1. temepara reihana says:

    Hockey players have their own defense. Usually they're continuosly training so they'll always have their sticks handy. I sleep with mine next to me.
    here is how my kiit helps
    Stick-to hit
    Ball/s-to throw
    mouthguard-because i don't rinse the spit, i can throw them at the offender and my spit comes in handy!
    Uniform/socks-to kill them with stink!

  2. lucid storm says:

    left hand of this big guy can do a lot of damage to the temple, and he is behind too, that guy behind did all wrong with left hand at grappling skills, press head forward with free arm instead makes more sense, if u control head and neck arms of person forward can do nothing, and with knife oh man.

  3. Oliver Casey says:

    To be fair, you'll need a considerable amount of strength as compared to the man with the knife. I know that if a 5'4 110 pound person had someone 6'0 180 on their neck they'd probably have some trouble.

  4. gris186 says:

    Learned that at krav maga. If he wants my wallet or phone he can have it, not gonna die for that. If he wants to kidnap me for some one on one butt sessions, then I'll try to get away

  5. vxctxm says:

    Wow this guys like really good. Hes methodical in his actions and understands how the brain works at its core level. Did you notice he waited for another thought process to start before countering?

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