Knife Making | Chopper Class with Bert Sorin of Sorinex | Part 2.



Join Jason Knight in an online teaching experience about bladesmithing and the unique artistry it demands. Learn some of the most coveted techniques in the …

13 thoughts on “Knife Making | Chopper Class with Bert Sorin of Sorinex | Part 2.

  1. Kenny Campbell Jr says:

    It is a product of your labor whether you sell it or not. I'm trying so hard to find a place to put my tools that I've gathered up over time. I haul them in the hatch of my car and find a place that's wheelchair friendly set up my tools but have to pack them back in car when done. I'd love to find a place of my own to do this full time.

  2. Noah Nipperus says:

    Working on my first forged leaf-spring chopper and I think I was not being as diligent with heat on the handle, meaning I think I whacked the handle when it was too cold a few too many times (I'm probably on my 30th heat ha! All that scale is helping my distal taper…)and now i have cracks in my handle… Was more diligent with the blade but we'll see what happens with heat-treat… Figured I'd run through my stock of free leaf-springs before I get some 80CRV2 which is still somehow 50% cheaper on the NJKB than buying from a local specialty steelyard?…

  3. Paul Myers says:

    As I said before. I'm really enjoying watching these videos of the course. If I was taking this course. I'd have so many questions for you.
    If I remember right. During normalization. You could hit the blade all you want and it wouldn't hurt it. Can you still take a chance of getting a crack?
    Thank you and can't wait for part 3. Take care and stay safe.

  4. Keith Whatley says:

    "Yeah, We don't baton"
    That outstanding (abd wise) statement combined with the look on Jason's face was worth watching this video alone.
    That edge pscking thing was pushed Bill Moran I think. Applies more to wrought iron supposedly like in the old days.

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