Knife Jiu Jitsu | A Whole New World!

Fighting off an attacker with a knife in a ground grappling situation requires modifications to the Jiu Jitsu framework and philosophies. It is imperative that we …

33 thoughts on “Knife Jiu Jitsu | A Whole New World!

  1. Guro Jason says:

    Because of all the douche tools and assclownery that goes on in the MMA and, by proxy, the BJJ communities I have avoided them like the plague. For the first time I am excited to see something from the a BJJ instructor.

  2. Davis Barr says:

    since this is funker this is a channel that believes disarming a knife isn't likely or possible. bluntly I believe what makes disarming a knife possible is the inclusion of standing grappling like Wing Chun or Aikido to capitalize quickly and confront the knife while making it the priority to hide from the knife and defend while looking for the person's elbow which is slower than their hand and can feel where the hand is in classic martial arts and using striking well grappling or just striking to confuse and control bridging because it's not about wanting to bridge or not wanting to bridge it's only and always about how you Bridge you don't Bridge or take away space when you have the disadvantage so that's the basic concept is to capitalized when you have the advantage by bridging and usually it doesn't turn into BJJ but if it does you're in a position where the person has changed hands or is close to a wall or close in and the easiest way for you to hide from the knife is to hide on their body and use that as a tactical place to let them make an error then disarm them. you always want to follow classic martial arts rules because that's why they were made to work the way they work. it's true that BJJ can especially help disarm a gun because you take away the person's ability to hit you off and Fire. it's true that you should learn to defend yourself on the ground. but just always remember if you do not have the advantage increase space if you have the advantage close space but not all the way to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu unless there's a reason for that. I'm right 'nuff said. it's sad that people get in weapon fights and it's good to remember also that a person will rearm themselves very quickly in an environment so you have to take the person in consideration not the weapon if you're a real martial artist and not just an average first responder.

  3. Davis Barr says:

    I think when you're dealing with a knife you have to take in account the most simple things that can help you. if you're talking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu then for some reason the most simple thing that could help you that time was for some reason the simple concept of taking away space for some reason in that particular situation you had to take away space and that was your best option. Usually in a knife fight and I've been in a lot of knife fights your best option is to kick the person away until it's a good time to bridge because you don't have an opportunity to disarm them each time they come in you just don't … with knives I like to keep things very very very simple just the basic concepts to survive so like Brazilian jiu-jitsu you have a priority list of positions and things that you would want and things to look for on the person's body in the way that they move but also unlike Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I don't use Brazilian jiu-jitsu all the time because that's just not an appropriate art for disarming people.

  4. Davis Barr says:

    I'm sorry was that a knife behind his back in a clinch? That's why I use other martial arts while standing and then Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the ground I prefer Aikido standing for grappling. still if that was the most powerful position maybe you're taking away some stabbing for force but that looks very dangerous. not to intentionally be critical but then that the rest of the answers are Kimura key lock and gift wrap well there's nothing wrong with a classic innovation is what someone would want from a program like this and I think this is too classic to basic even though it is true and a fact that nothing beats a classic Innovation is important. I also would not have wanted nor would anyone want to be in a knife fight but I would not have wanted to have someone in gift wrap and then then change hands and try to subdue their other hand with like a spider knee situation at that point I would probably try to take their back.

  5. Hoss V11 says:

    Mr. GN, you nailed it with this video. I love how sometimes you notice an instructor has his moments before he answers. And like you said it brings the instructor and the best out of them. I always do look forward to these

  6. truth show says:

    These people are just trying to make money out of you, no Martial Art can beat a knife, it's game over. You want to avoid that situation, otherwise it is simply too late. These people cannot manage their ego and this leads to stupidity of a fatal type.

  7. Mushin Ryu says:

    At all the videos that I have seen from you guys this one of Jiu jitsu is the one I like the less. Why? Because the mentality in which they train. Even though I understand their martial art training according to the information that I have gathered from my friends the practice the art weapons like a knife is not their main repertoire. Therefore lacking regular training on the subject will not train the mind to expect it. A kali instructor on a different YouTube channel proved this to be true.
    Regardless I think you guys do a great job with your videos and I love to watch them. This is just my opinion.

  8. Krugan says:

    Until all of the naysayers post a constructive video of their techniques working or why this doesn't. Instead of saying this or that doesn't work or is crap. Maybe keep quiet. Or post a video where you are discussing or adding something positive to this.

  9. hotspurschool says:

    Put on a white t-shirt. Take someone who doesn't use your system. Give them a red marker pen. Have them attack you with it, using it like a knife. See how many times you are striped or peppered. I predict that you'll get even more marks attempting 'ground control'. Video it and show us the results.

  10. Legion Training says:

    Maybe some people have been asleep for the past 20 years, but for those who have not, GJJ/BJJ has proven its effectiveness in the ring and on the street. There are thousands of videos of people getting beaten up by others using ground fighting skills. There is simply no logical debate that will change these facts, grappling happens in real fights and if you are not somewhat skilled and the other fighter is, you might just be in trouble.

    You also better have some boxing skills and defense, some shooting skills, some improvised weapons skills and knife skills. Test them ALL under some kind of pressure. This is not rocket science but it does take some work to get the skills.

  11. Casey Bryan says:

    this is a good idea and way to train I think you would be better off training knife defense more focused on the stand up aspect but if you want to train this after you train stand up knife fighting and defense because when your on the ground his buddy could hurt you very badly train how not to get taken down that's not where you want to be but I'm probably preaching to the choir good job and good ideas

  12. Nick Moran says:

    I'm so happy to see this training element evolving in the bjj community. It's such a relevant dynamic. The guys from 10th Planet Special Operations Group in Chicago have been working on this exact thing. Keep this up, the whole community will benefit

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