10 thoughts on “Knife in Close Combat. Нож в ближнем бою

  1. kogiama says:

    @CNCTEMATIC yeah you are right…
    look everything comes from excersise…
    you must train so you can just deflect any knife attack
    when you've got this…then train to cath an armed hand with a knife when you touch it so you won't be losing time…then it's the technique…after that…train all of these together…
    you mustn't catch the hand and start grapling techniques
    -grab attacker's weapon

    but you can just stay at

  2. CNCTEMATIC says:

    nice work. I wonder if some more dynamism could be added if in some drills the knife holder stabs or slashes first, the empty handed guy grabs the wrist in response, and the knife holder works from there? good stuff in any case

  3. CNCTEMATIC says:

    @kogiama hello. actually, the reflex of most people when someone tries to stab or cut them with a knife is to try to grab the wrist of the knife hand. if you're saying that it would be unusual to grab at a hand with a knife before any attack, I think you're right. i still think the drills are useful because you can often end up some of these positions in my experience practising knife attack and defence. cheers

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