14 thoughts on “Knife Grip tape and college party story

  1. wmpyr says:

    @PavlovSandor thanx bro for your support, and fight through these troubled times man. You guys are not alone. That wrestler guy Tony sounds similar to the guy I'm talking about, it would be crazy if it was the same guy lol sounds like you miss playing D and D! I never really played much, but I thought it was fascinating, read a few books, had some books, got into Dragon Dice 🙂

  2. PavlovSandor says:

    thank you wmpyr! we appreciate your prayers and this mention on your channel. i love your karambit vids epsecially. you know that of course. but enjoy i all of them. i knew a guy like that wrestler too. a dude named tony. we played dungeons and dragons and we always thought he was a real life dwarf. as wide as he was tall. tony helped our buddies move once and he grabbed this huge entertainment stand that took three dudes to move in and he carried it by himself up the stairs tothe truck.

  3. wmpyr says:

    @rdcd20 lol awesome, wish you could have met him, he was actually a nice dude, I'm sure he was feared on the mat, I asked him if he was, and he was like, no there is this other guy and talked about other people, he was pretty humble!

  4. wmpyr says:

    @michaelshore1992 thanx man, so far I have only made one, and I like it too much to part with it lol. I am working on some smaller designs to sell.

  5. wmpyr says:

    @ironmonkeyz Hey no problem, thank you for putting a shoutout of me in your epic cut vid! He actually seemed like a really nice guy. I he said because he had such a low center of gravity it would be difficult to throw him.

  6. wmpyr says:

    @SkullLanyard thanx man, I felt like I was talking to a body builder dwarf with that guy. this was a long time ago, early 90s! HM still rocks in my book!

  7. wmpyr says:

    @BaByGoTtHeRuNz thanx man, sounds like that would work well! the tennis grips at walmart were a bit pricey so I did this. and yeah I enjoyed the film, haven't read the graphic novel, heard it was good!

  8. BaByGoTtHeRuNz says:

    Haha Great Story! I use hockey tape on everything I want extra grip on cause it's got that fabric-y feel to it so your hands don't get all sweaty and it's cheap. Cool hat by the way, bot the graphic novel and the movie of 30 days of night were awesome.

  9. smkdude26 says:

    Used electricle tap on a stick once, not so good of a grip when it gets wet. Now I use sports tape, like the type used when boxing, works great and when it gets old I just cut it off and put new. What is the thickness of the aluminum u used on your knife? I'm trying to make practice blade of my own. Rei.

  10. crypter27 says:

    I'm sorry to hear that,I use electric tape shalacked in Gorrilla Glue & thats a nice knife. Did you make it? I have an intersting story,but its hard to say in a comment section.

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