Knife Fights – BE AWARE OF LIES

This video is going to upset a lot of people, yet I believe it’s important to bring up these arguments. There is a HUGE difference between a threat display and an …

48 thoughts on “Knife Fights – BE AWARE OF LIES

  1. Demon Lama says:

    the martial arts that I do trains the right way, but seriously its not very likely to win that. like dont even try 😀 +leather is hard to stab thrugh and impossible to cut 🙂

  2. Evil Speculator says:

    ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON. I study/teach Systema and this is exactly what we are training for: concealed knives and running attacks that overwhelm the victim. Extremely difficult to defend against even for an experienced fighter. Over 25 years of MA experience here – several arts.

    Mail armor – sorry that's not realistic. People get attacked when they least expect it, often they are on vacation. Also, you may get stabbed in the neck, which is a favorite target. I do like eyes as a counter attack target however. Have a strong pen on you and if you must fight go for the eyes without compunction.

  3. T. van rossum says:

    I like your realistic approach but there is just one point of criticism I have.
    You say that the only situation for not running away is when they attack a loved one.
    Well, what about confined spaces like an elevator? When you're alone in there with your attacker you can't run anywhere.

  4. MaXx Rr says:

    yea you're right and a knife expert doug marcaida said in 1 of his video that no matter how good you are in knife fighting its useless if you dont have alertness

  5. Dj NeonFlame says:

    It is fun to integrate knife combat with martial arts. My friend and I do it for fun. It's not practical whatsoever but it's still fun. Ye stabbing thing we do aswell. We have collapsing fake knifes that we randomly attack each other and practice reacting

  6. Cristian Criss says:

    My name is Cristian is a coach of krav maga and kapap with a superior degree. I can say with certainty against the principles of the systems taught that against a knife attack you can not cope without being cut. That is a certainty having a similar experience But a scar on the forearm.
    Besides the philosophies of many who have no idea of ​​a real fight, I tell you that I prefer to have a tactical knife on me to really save my life than to try with my bare hands. A beautiful day I wish you all

  7. RobertoDonatti says:

    I agree with 90% of what you say. I live in Argentina and I've witnessed a couple of knife fights and many "visteos" (mock fights).
    The knives they use are razor sharp and they use all they long on their jobs. In a fight, the left hand holds some garment like a poncho, that can be used to snag your opponent´s knife or flick it in its eyes. Right hand holding the knife stays near your body. The preferred cut is to the forehead as it bleeds so much that it will blind you. Once wounded a fast cut to the abdomen will slit it open and your intestines fall out. I've never seen any stabbing. Knives have triangular blades 25 to 35 cm long (Böker is the brand of choice) and a round sterling silver handle. Like your channel a lot.

  8. Jeremiah Jimenez says:

    I thought that chainmail was worse than plate armor for knife defense because of the rings. But are certain chainmail effective enough to not to be stabbed (even from the point/tip of the knife)?

  9. Jack Bessant says:

    I'd say if you know you can't run for very long, due to being unfit or disabled, then there would be situations where using your energy to fight instead of escape would be wiser too

  10. Gabriel San juan says:

    i live in caracas venezuela, and as surpring as it may sound it whas really hard to find someone to train me on self defense, eventually i met a cousin that came from ciria and whas doing a tour all around latin america, he told me he teaches krav maga in a gym i live close to so i accepted in doing the classes, I was really happy, so I started watching videos of krav maga demonstrations and man they really looked cool, but not really efficient but still cool non the less, so a couples of days pased and i got my first krav maga class, the first thing they thought was that 99 percent of those videos especially the knife ones where faked or accted out, after that we learned to do some hand to hand combat and dirty boxing, I have learned soooo many things i am really just a begginer but still at least i know what to do on one of those situations, of many, simply by having some clases. It really helped me live in the violent place i am right now.

  11. Eisen fell says:

    all was good ..until mail , made you look like a nutter.. there are Modern Stab Vests , for then knife attacks are a serious problem where you life and you don't wanna look like you being mentally stuck in middle ages.

  12. RicTic66 says:

    Wearing a chain mail shirt seems a little excessive to me, especially living in Oxford U.K. But you do talk a lot of sense as regards 'fright, flight or fight. There is a reason those 3 words are mentioned in that order, if you can remove yourself from a dangerous situation you are pretty much guaranteed to live. Fighting removes 50% of that chance so it's a 'no brainer' really. When I was a kid I took a pocket of coarse sand mixed with Cayenne pepper to a gang fight with kids known for using bats and knives, this was in the 70s before 'pocket sand' became a bit of a joke. It worked a treat 🙂

  13. Haxzaw says:

    …I laugh at any of the martial arts its always kata or kumite moves practiced over and over but believe me it wont help.I'm not proud of it but I spent a lot of time in prison when I was younger and I was in a situation where I had to defend myself the inmate in question was a 3rd degree black belt in Wado Kai (who cares what style it is there are many) we had a beef which got out of hand it happens all the time inside so I made my shank and we were out in yard about 2 weeks later I was aware of the other individuals approach from behind me so his blade was concealed in his hand I got a signal from a friend watching my six as soon as I was ready I turned around stabbed him 6 times and walked away from the scene unharmed he was coming at me with all intentions of doing the same to me my point being that you can be ready and practice all you want but there is no defense being that he has practiced this and many other things as well for years but it is what it is and yes I caught a charge and did more time because of it. Bottom line he didn't die and I am alive.

  14. Mon Al says:

    Because in real figth it is so fast, panic and fear is number one you will feel and if that happen you'll get exhausted and lose a lot of your strength, assailants sometimes bigger and stronger against his victim. But atleast you have training, if you die thats ok no body lives forever

  15. Dimachaerus says:

    I'm 1.86 and 106 kg and a heavy smoker. If i run more than 50 meters the guy trying to stab doesnt have to bother anymore because i'll get a heart attack. So,running is out of question for me. All i have left is stand and fight no matter what. If i manage to take a hold on his knife arm,i'll simply try to grab him and use my weight to put him down. I'll use my teeths to take his eyes out of the skull if able and necessary, but no running for me. I simply can't.

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