36 thoughts on “Knife Fighting with Southnarc | Craig Douglas of ShivWorks

  1. Cole Pabilona says:

    LoL for the intro. Reminded me of a Sherlock and Moriarty scene.

    Will take note of the "SNEAK ATTACK!" Extra hand technique is similar to Karate's or Gung Fu's "Couple hand" (<- not sure if literal translation) principle. A combination of Strike-check, or double check hand movements.

  2. PhilosoraptorXJ says:

    From a historical point of view, I don't really see knives being employed as effective means of self defense. Before the invention of the firearm, for your every day peasant or merchantman, who couldn't afford a sword, appeared to have preferred quarterstaffs or staves.

    You see this continuing after the invention of the firearm. Natives in the New World and colonists never really used knives as more than tools. Most people preferred the bayonet or sword. If a sidearm outside this was carried, it was almost always a tomahawk or hatchet.

    When knives were used, they were almost wholly used as off hand weapons; they were not the primary means of defense. Knives suck. It takes a large degree of martial skill to knife fight — and even then you're probably still going to get stabbed.

  3. Isaac says:

    I am a freshman in high school. I play football and am basically a normal dude. Only thing is, I buy body armor, I have an AR (well technically my dads because of obvious reasons), what do you think about someone like me training, and what courses can you do. Because I want to be as efficient as I can with my rifle and equipment.

  4. littlemirage says:

    Craig doesn't need my approval however he is totally correct. The fewer moves it take to accomplish your objective, the sooner your objective is complete. JKD has this principle at it's foundation. Simple yet not stupid.

  5. Onie B says:

    Hmmm! That was kinda lame demo also. Nobody stabs like that, keeping the arm extended and waiting for South Narc to prance around. Lol. Southnarc is same as what he bashes.

  6. Spring Bloom says:

    Seen more up close, for real knife attacks, than Ive cared to – ALL knife defense, is crap. The difference between the winner and loser, is usually walking into the ER or rolling into the ER. Youll get cut and stabbed, the only control youll have, if you're wired really tight, is where and how deep.

  7. thomas abel says:

    Just remember in an unavoidable knife fight you will get cut. One must come to the realization of getting cut. Getting cut is not that bad, but what you don't want and want to prevent is getting stabbed. You get cut you can fight and live, getting stabbed you're dead. That being said if a knife fight is unavoidable. Other than that deflect and get the hell out of dodge, especially if you don't know what you are doing which is most people.

  8. Keith Hudson says:

    John I freaking love you. From the first clip he did the John Wick move I was about to be upset. And then he dropped the truth bomb. Ye are but impervious to bs combative arts. Be ye even mortal?

  9. Moz says:

    Hey John, as my foremost expert on weaponry, would you ever consider going on 'The Joe Rogan' podcast ? It's just a question ? I forgive you for not understanding why a 'Warrior' needs to pretend to smoke a pipe you former Ranger you. Just Thoughts ?

  10. Jazzman3121 says:

    Not ALL knife fighting stuff you describe is crap… In Filipino Martial Arts which includes knife and stick techniques, you learn to do what's called 'flow drills'. A flow drill that is either continuous or is comprised of multiple moves countering a one move attack is for the purpose of getting the defender in the habit of working the opponent, not just trying to do one technique and hope you'll be 100 per cent effective with that one move AND moving at a slow enough training pace to minimize injury, even from training weapons. For the example that you show, if the defender does ONE technique aimed at the face and either misses or strikes the skull or is blocked by the attacker then because you aren't training in a flow, your tendency would be to stop at that technique then have to risk getting another opening for an 'entry.' I respect your firearms knowledge, Poet but in this vid, your comment is a GROSS over generalization… It takes a long time to develop the skill and speed but it is legit. The blade fighters of the Philippines developed the wide variety of styles through actual blade combat, no bullshit. Just talk to Doug Marcaida, he's a youtuber as well, he'll educate you.

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