Knife fighting w/ Chinese Ring Dagger Demo soon release ” Ring Daggers Secrets Revealed”

a few secrets on the ring daggers advantages over the common knives, from the soon release book ” Ring Daggers Secrets Revealed.

39 thoughts on “Knife fighting w/ Chinese Ring Dagger Demo soon release ” Ring Daggers Secrets Revealed”

  1. jamie y says:

    I Live in Canada as well ,Ontario. and I have trained for 15 years to date in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, we use knives like this we call them Kunai there great for throwing or use them in rope dart tactics as well If your still looking to get started find a Bujinkan Dojo near you

  2. TheBilgepumper says:

    I just got two of the new style of Cold Steel's Shanghai Shadow ring daggers, and I think they are an improvement on the old ones with the half-moon quillons.

    This video was very informative. I'm having trouble finding your book though, Where is it sold?

  3. Dconquist says:

    @ScottHarrisbranch Thanks a lot for responding, i'll be sure to order that book as soon as it's released. In fact, I have already ordered the first one, by Ricky Pickens. Sadly, traveling over to your dojo is a bit unrealistic (financially) for me right now, as much as I would like to.

    Sorry for more questions, but is there a DVD available to study the movements? Are you thinking of making some more tutorials on ring dagger technique? I've watched this video about a billion times.

    Thanks again

  4. scott harris says:

    @Dconquist yes wing lam supplies has a good training dagger that gives the weight you need to begin playing. and were waiting on palindin press for our new release. and your always welcome in visiting us.

  5. Dconquist says:

    Hey! I'm super interested in integrating this weapon and your techniques into my Wing Chun style kung fu. But, I live in Canada, and no one around here even has a ring dagger, let alone training in it.

    Is there some resource or something I can study with? Do you know where I can order a training knife?

    Thanks for the video!

  6. Jaysahn Gilby says:

    While very large, Cold Steel's Shanghai Shadow looks to be an excellent knife. I own one now.

    Sifu was kind enough to visit and he demonstrated some basics with the weapon.

    …and I must agree with SIFU and you others, this knife is indeed SUPREME for close quarter combat.

    The last Cold Steel catalog I got, they were running a special on the cord wrapped handled (mine is zytel) version for two for 30 bucks, not counting shipping costs. Sifu said he preferred the zytel handle.

  7. wilowhisp says:

    Great Vid! the ring daggers don't get enough attention from the knife world. When I trained with them it was mostly flashy forms and very little practical training. I look forward to reading your book. was your sharp dagger from Cold Steel? Mine daggers are from Wing Lam, do you know if they will take an edge?

  8. die694 says:

    the bottom line is that it takes less time to draw a small tactical folder than to draw a gun and shoot anywhere lethal. getting stabbed creates more shock than be ing shot as well. A gun can be very clumsy in close quarters no matter the size. If you were trained with a gun then your were most likely taught that the average human can close a distance of 20 feet in in about 1.5 seconds. Just because you have a firearm does not automatically mean you will emerge the victor. Be nice btw.

  9. die694 says:

    Because of SAMBO, I love blade work in Close quarters. Everything stated here makes a great deal of sense. Anyone who has ever trained with a knife knows the value of having the extra hand. Excellent information Sifu and some masterful use of the weapon. I want one! Five Stars!

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