Knife Fighting Training Drill | Self Defense Techniques & Tactics | 7/2018

In this video I demonstrate a basic knife fighting training drill to help anyone who is training in the techniques and tactics of self defense. This is a self defense …

14 thoughts on “Knife Fighting Training Drill | Self Defense Techniques & Tactics | 7/2018

  1. caipira66 says:

    Great Master, great videos. You got one more fan here. I think chalk can be used instead lipstick. It will come off easely from clothes and skin (and is cheaper). Cheers.

  2. Hattori Hanzo says:

    Great Video Soke!
    I absolutely loved this video!
    In my opinion, you are the top ninjutsu martial arts master today!

    I studied in the Bujinkan for many years. I even went to Japan to train at the hombu. But after all of that, I felt that something was missing. I started watching your videos and following your philosophy. I joined your organization and I can say that it was the best decision I have made in my martial arts journey.

    Everyone else in the koryu ninjutsu community is either a has been, or never was. You are truly the best there is in the modern day. Anyone who argues that, either has no idea of your knowledge in the arts, or they are simply lying to themselves.

  3. Justin Hiryu says:

    The 3 point system you are using here to decide a victor is quite good. A person may not always be able to go for the quick kill, so in such a situation, the "long game" must be played. If you cannot slice your opponent's throat or stab them in the gut, then cutting your opponent so many times otherwise would simply cause them to bleed to death. A victory is a victory, one should keep their options open and get it however one can. The one issue with such a method is that until your opponent bleeds out, they can still fight you, so you have to stay alive until they expire. Hence, why the three point system is good here. One cut is not enough to take down your opponent. They are bleeding, yes, but they still have fight in them. Second cut, they may be wearing down at this point. Bleeding more heavily, but can still kill you. Third cut, blood loss may be too much to handle, and they pass out and die where they land.

  4. Justin Hiryu says:

    I see some of your students here fighting with the reverse grip of the knife. I do not see many people use techniques in this grip. I was always told that holding the knife normally was the way to go. The reverse grip is interesting to me, however.

  5. maxime gonet says:

    bonne vidéo , vos élève ont de la chance de vous avoir ! very good video, I would have liked a master like you, I practice the ninjutsu Bujinkan of master Hatsumi Masaaki and I think you are a good master( google translate ) , si un jour vous venez en France faites nous signe svp

  6. Rickie Cowens says:

    This is great. The only way to train this,is get in there and do it. I mean I like drill training to forthe concepts. You just can't replace live, moving, swinging at you opponents. Good drill, you are a great instructor.

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