Knife Fighting – The Pocket Knife (libre fighting, martial arts)



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7 thoughts on “Knife Fighting – The Pocket Knife (libre fighting, martial arts)

  1. EastCounty Outdoors says:

    After stabbing the person multiple times in the eye, neck, heart, and lung I doubt you would need to "reengage" the person. This seems to be beyond defensive tactics and more about making sure to kill the person. Still fun to watch! Thanks

  2. TheEnneagram says:

    Two problems with the pocket knife as a weapon: 1) It can be heard, which gives away the fact that one is armed, and 2) a pocket knife is first and foremost an EDC tool and not a weapon, so it gets dull with use. For these reasons, the fixed blade is superior. Also, your weapon should serve no other purpose. My pocket knife is not a weapon; my weapon is not an EDC tool.

    That’s not a comment about your technique or your curriculum, only about the limitations of the pocket knife as a weapon.

  3. Jon Haynes says:

    as someone in the same boat as MB I agree with him completely thank you Scott for your continued free product and training I really appreciate it. I mean that supplemental he of course as I do by your DVDs and digital product on libre

  4. M. B. says:

    Thank as always Scott. I really value your free clips as I can’t afford to train with anyone and am getting older and live in a crappy area. Peace brother.

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