Knife Fighting – The MOST Forgotten Essentials!

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16 thoughts on “Knife Fighting – The MOST Forgotten Essentials!

  1. TheUntamedNetwork says:

    See, 'Practice actually being able to pull out your weapon, if you are going to be carrying a weapon.' And 'Don't point that shit at yourself' Sound super fucking obvious when you say them out loud lol

  2. Elias Wong says:

    Exactly my knife philosophy basics.
    Fisrt rule about knife fight, always carry at least one defensive blade.
    Second rule, become proficient on how to access your knife on realistic situations.
    Third rule, don't cut yourself with your own blade and don't loose it in a fight, so chose a good ergonomic knife handle for retention safety.

  3. Jaqen H'ghar says:

    Have you ever done any fighting for sport? Or have you ever had an interest in participating in boxing or mma? I'm just curious. You have great tips. I've been subscribed for years and I like your teaching style.

  4. halfcrazy12 says:

    Awesome. With edc a good routine habit before you get out that door to go to work or wherever would be to visualize were your carry weapons are located on your body and also do a quick practice of drawing those weapons out. In my opinion, you are doing this to prepare yourself mentally to know how to get to your weapon whether it's a knife, gun, or both depending on how you have it positioned on your body, type of weapons you are carrying and the clothing you are wearing. One of the last things you want to do is to reach for a weapon that you thought was there but isn't let alone practicing to get to that weapon when a threat presents itself. I don't know about everyone else but I own and carry different weapons and wear different types of clothing. Knowing and practicing deploying them from different positions is also important.

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