Knife Fighting Techniques – Filipino Kali Escrima

Try this out. It’s a great drill to build blade awareness plus it’s a lot of fun! Come join me for more training and learn Filipino Martial Arts at my online school …

13 thoughts on “Knife Fighting Techniques – Filipino Kali Escrima

  1. TheEnneagram says:

    Strange looking attack (so telegraphed that you've got almost a week to evade it) but aside from that, the attacker might also choose to do something with the left hand, too. It's okay for training, but a disclaimer wouldn’t be a bad idea to include. You've got a compliant partner offering a wide (and more importantly) linear attack, a 'haymaker' if you will, and no follow-up. As long as everyone knows that this 'drill' is VERY basic and doesn’t prepare you for a live situation, then no harm done. Learning to successfully attack with the blade is the best preparation for learning to defend against it. In the real world, nobody who knows how to use a blade would feed that attack. That being said, blade play is a lot of fun and Kali is more practical than many other martial arts. Cheers.

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