Knife Fighting Tactics- Life or Death techniques

Military knife fighting. Joseph Simonet shows you extreme life or death techniques at the Wind and Rock Camp. Simonet is a master with the blade. He uses …

22 thoughts on “Knife Fighting Tactics- Life or Death techniques

  1. Gabe Powers says:

    I would like to see the instructor go against a guy that is bigger and stronger than himself. It is easy to demonstrate moves on another guy who is weighs less, is shorter, and probably has no experience.

  2. note313 says:

    stop being a pussy…if that student is ever in a real combat situation where his life or well being is at stake this is going to seem like a walk in the park. Man the fuck up. People now a days are too weak and rely on the police and government to fight their battles and come to their rescue. Get off your coach and get exercise and learn how to defend your self. That's my suggestion to you.

  3. 39Thorns says:

    Same old, same old. kali/Arnis/Silat, only this guy has no good movement or body mechanics. These techniques are a dime a dozen. Lets see them applied in real time against a determined opponent.

  4. Alec Pitt says:

    @JKelly140 Oh fuck me! Swearing is so fucking bad isn't it? Honestly, what difference does it make? Why would little kids need to watch this anyway? I hope you aren't letting your kids run around with combat knives!

  5. Thomas Preston says:

    I didnt expect the student to answer no to any of the questions put forth.
    The best knife fighting technique is to not let the opponent know hes in a knife fight. until after the blood if flowing. The problem with knife fighting is that even if you win you lose. A jury will always question why you had the knife any way. If its a military close combat situation and or entertainment thats the only use for it. In civy life only the bad guy will be carrying a blade. I would rather focus on defense

  6. Sean Anderson says:

    Rough with the student?…. How else will the student develop an appreciation of the technique unless he/she feels it for themselves. If you dont feel the effects then you are training blind…. which is 99.9% of all of the standard karate schools around today. Combatives are not for everyone. So, for those who cant train like this there is always point sparring. Excellent work Joe, I'm a big fan of yours.

  7. FateBinder says:

    Sorry, the guy can be rough, if it's done with the right intent and control. As a teacher of martial arts and student I prefer to "Feel" that the technique was applied properly, sometimes a student must FEEL the brutality of the technique to fully understand how to apply it. Th mark of a good teacher is that he or she will be just as rough as it takes to do this, without causing injury. I saw no injury, indeed I saw him make sure to give him a and up each time. Good teacher IMHO

  8. eastsideozzy says:

    you can tell the robber to be easier with you with the knife, I'm sure he wouldn't mind… YOU DUMMY, its a good thing that he IS rough, in life or death situation, people don't care how you FEEL. geez…

  9. berner says:

    I'm confused. Based on his teaching style, is he teaching people how to use the knife to kill douchebags or is he just using this as an outlet to say "Look how fucking amazing I am"

    Love me daddy, what?

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