Knife fighting-Police-Martial arts- Military- tactial fighting myths.



This knife defense video is about fighting myths close quarters. Training knives and marking knives are the one of the primary tools used for Military, Law …

9 thoughts on “Knife fighting-Police-Martial arts- Military- tactial fighting myths.

  1. EMSurfDoc says:

    I've seen some of Hank Hayes videos and they are very good.  Not sure where everyone is getting the idea that martial artists try to catch the knife.  All the different martial art forms teach variations of knife defense.  NONE of them involve attempting to catch the knife and are all very similar to what Hank Hayes teaches.

  2. nolieblades101 says:

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  3. Daniel Skipp says:

    A rare boon you are, sir. Thanks. I wish folks like you could get the kungfools to put up or shut up with public tests of their techniques by non-compliant attackers… which of course would immediately embarrass them with repeated failure.

  4. Rautib Productions Channel; RP/SS says:

    Thanks my Brother. U hit it on the head. That strait up reality. That's what's up. All this fantasy fight jokebusiness will get ya killed. Thank's again for being real I respect that. U have a ready & willing student in me. I await your instuctions.

  5. bae313 says:

    It's amazing how martial arts trainers and their students, who have never been in a real knife fight, can't grasp this concept, DISABLE MUST PRECEDE DISARM. Also, in a majority of self defense situations, a disarm is not necessary because an avenue of escape is available or can be made available with less effort and risk.

    The most sad part is that most martial instructors do not have enough street experience to realize they are running a con scheme on their students.

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