Knife Fighting on the Street – 3 Dangerous Moves

Knife Fighting on the Street – 3 Dangerous Moves. These are 3 street fighting self defense moves when approached or attacked with a Knife! Do they work?

28 thoughts on “Knife Fighting on the Street – 3 Dangerous Moves

  1. dangkoen says:

    The first technique is a MASSIVE NO-NO! Even if & I do say IF you manage to catch that knifehand despite a probable rapid stabbing motion, you have no idea how your attacker will respond. Everyone responds differently. This 1-2-3 type sequence training is not reliable. The 2nd & 3rd techniques have worked for some people, but it's not recommended. I suggest viewing Nick Drossos' material.

  2. LivingLeviathan says:

    Please dont ever try any of these if you are in a confrontation that MAY OR MAY NOT have a weapon involved. Run! Just RUN! As a former first responder in Cali ive seen to many deaths as a result of the false bravado this kind of Bullshido gives you. The only time someone pulls a knife and flashes it in your face is in the movies or they never intend to actually use it. Often if they have one knife, they will have three more somewhere on themselves. They will be holding thier weapon in a deathgrip so tight that the only way kicking would would is if it broke thier arm. Stop being deceived by this fitness guru, he has never been in a fight(and probably never had a real sparring match as well) his training is fraudulent, and people have been seriously injured as a result of his fake self defense training.

  3. Sylvester Hale says:

    do us a favor don't teach anymore knife defense stuff until You're able to come up with realistic defense's you know nothing about knife fighting stick to what you something like taichi

  4. T.S. Young says:

    #3 as straight Thai teep worked for me when a street person pulled a knife on me after "asking" for spare change. It was more instinct than technique but he kept his distance. These defenses never go as smoothly when you are in fear for your life.

    Thanks for the videos, great work!

  5. laertesdd says:

    Dear Jake, I am not a martial artist nor am I a self-defense expert. But it seems pretty clear and obvious to me that your kick at 0:36 is highly dangerous. Your upper body is conpletely open and defenseless. Kick one second too late or miss, and your opponent will bury his knife in your chest…
    Anyhow, greetings from Berlin/Germany. Hope you come visiting someday.

  6. Joe M says:

    1. I'd use a straight armlock like a wakigatame, or one ha d block other strike ( personnel)
    2. Kick could be teep to body or groin, or at that range…. Move sideways… Duh.
    3.yeah…. No don't kid yourself.

    Good film style but the techniques were meh, entertaining though…

  7. jetskirandyx says:

    Jake. .. Excellent as always, keep up the great work. Thank you for sharring. If I may, those that like to arm chair quarter back…please take that energy and post your own videos. Iam an owner of a Traditional (ITF) Taekwon-do school. With the dozens of knife and gun disarming techniques that are out there I teach "a few" of them to my students. I never tell them it is a substitute for a good Grav Maga class nor will they be Navy Seals after learning a few basic simple techniques. If all they learn is to be aware of their environment, have a basic knowledge of conflict resolution, to protect themselves first, neutralize the primary threat and to assess the situation to stay and detain or run….Iam a happy instructor. By the way, I think it was number 2 , when you step "off line " and strike the outer palm amd the inner fore arm is great for disarming a handgun as well. That technique is also the number 1 technique that my law enforcement students have told me they are taught at the academy.

    Jake Mace… Taekwon Sir!

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