Knife Fighting: Multiple Attacker Training Drills for Faster and Better Reactions



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For Anyone Interested in Faster and Better Reactions in a Knife Fight and Defense Training Against Multiple Attackers

If you think you’re going to have time to think of, or plan, a response in a real knife fight, think again!
You don’t have time to think — you have to react! Quickly and efficiently!

Knife Fighting: Multiple Attacker Training Drills for Faster and Better Reactions is a small ebook with multi-training-partner activities designed to improve aspects of your knife fighting and multiple-attacker responses.

You’ll learn two formations for these drills … a circle … and a line. Within each, you’ll find a variety of activities that include both static and moving targets, multiple attackers, and more.

These games will help teach your body to react automatically. And believe me, you won’t have time for wasted motions. You’ll develop your own efficient ways of moving.

Included are a few ebonuses: a great exercise for multiple attacker training, an article on multi-directional kicking, and an excerpt from a book that will help you mentally prepare for all of this.

While this isn’t a complete book on knife fighting or multiple attacker training, the exercises will become a necessary part of your martial-arts training.

If you go through these exercises in their logical progression, you’ll have a definite advantage over those who haven’t.


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