Knife Fighting LIVE!

We bring on special guest Charly Mann (of to go over knife fighting techniques! Learn about Bowie Knives, Guards, Hilts, and why it all …

4 thoughts on “Knife Fighting LIVE!

  1. AZ Desert Prepper says:

    For hand drills on knife fighting do a search here on YouTube for “Balintawak”. It is a Filipino single stick fighting style. No pads or helmets are used. Only a single rattan stick about 2 feet long and a inch in diameter.

  2. JuandelaCruz001 says:

    These are drills that have been created and contributed to the development of Filipino martial artists for generations (with a nod to Spanish swordplay contributing its influence). Critics would claim this is "fake" dancey-stuff, but these are the basics for building FUNCTIONAL ATTRIBUTES (timing, distance, range, etc. and all that good stuff).

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