knife fighting lies

I can’t imagine a situation where the assassin who wants to kill you doesn’t plan for you trying to run away from them.

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  1. Caius Madison says:

    The Mafia? As in the Italian Mafia? They primarily shoot people since the 30's, dude! Asian martial arts are excellent hand vs hand, but with a weapon involved, they are as good as any, they become a crap shoot. Either you see the angles of attack, and trap or break the weapon hand/arm, or you get got. Box up (two hand at two points on the weapon hand, or side of body; isolate weapon or joint closest to functional length of weapon; then either debilitate or decimate the foe.) This is the best method, aside from frame up (using ones body to both close gaps, and or act as a wall that stops motion from an attacker. Examples are instead of using a hand and cranking down and holding on a shoulder, use YOUR shoulder to "wall off" their shoulder, then use your now free hand as a strike, hold, or break lever.) This is what being a 3D fighter is all about. No motion wasted, no action extravagant.

  2. fasco santos says:

    A lot people tell a knifefighting is joke they can easily can kick our asses a muathai fighter a karate mma well aslong as i dont reach your fucking neck your safe a knife fighter always bring a knife you must remember that now if you call me a puussy for always bring a knife well im a knife fighter thats my form of fighting thats why pls dont try.

  3. tokr72 says:

    I believe in the surprise shank scenario, one must come to terms with the fact that they will indeed be stabbed or slashed. Especially if the element of surprise is achieved. However, I believe that knife defense training/understanding should then immediately kick in, and further damage contested. It usually takes more than one stab to kill someone, depending on location, but 48 stabs to the body will do it… Can't let the attacker pull the sewing machine routine. Attack the knife hand, tie it up, whatever one can do. Believe Kali calls it defanging the snake. I've seen clips of Filipinos fighting with machetes, one guy was even unarmed. The unarmed guy immediately tied up the other guys arm and would not let go. Standing arm bar and clinch. Crowd broke it up, but the unarmed guy wanted to keep going. These guys were like feral cats hell bent on fighting. Crazeee

  4. TheDrodder says:

    YO WMPYR, good video about real life self-defense. Your discussion inspired me to tell you about an Advanced Martial Blade Concept seminar in California. Micheal Janich is rolling out and it's an incredible training experience I've done last 3 years (im the guy on left side with dual training knives, same spot each photo). It's in April so hopefully good heads up?a fusion style of Philipino knife arts with Silat sprinkled in there.

  5. Hawaii Volcano Squad says:

    Unwritten rules of Prisons are such that if you sit at the wrong table, especially if you are not the approved race to sit at the table, you have just unknowingly committed a trespass punishable by death according to prison gang rules. Prison is a bad bad place run by wicked people and I am not referring to the actual staff and guards. The prison gang system rules are not written down anywhere. Walking in the wrong place is another trespass against someone else's turf.

  6. Shane Higgs says:

    Agree with you that sometimes you want to draw them into a duel situation. In my system we train to seize the initiative and mount a superior offense. The myth that you can't defend against the "sewing machine" knife attack is just that – no person, no weapon, and no technique is invincible.
    Great talk.

  7. naihanchin Kempo says:

    sadly being disabled i can't run. So i try to figure out things around me, that may help . Wild Bill hickok when he would sit in a saloon. He tried to always sit against a wall facing the door. Knowing your terrain is important ..Hills ,walls, Alleyways. when it comes to knives it's a slow death most times..So you or he can still do a lot of Damage before one of you are dead or passed out . rather then going for a bloodloss move or kill shot i aim for defanging the snake ..tendons, back of the hand, fingers inner and outer part of the elbow, Back of the Knee, ankle front of the knee ..any target that keeps them from working a weapon, or moving fast ..if possible stab and rip at the joints …But as Mike Tyson said "Everyone has a plan, in a fight, till they get hit"

  8. Lipzig Schweitzer says:

    another excellent bit of advice and perspective on fighting. well said.

    as you mentioned training, I am reminded of an interview I saw with Brandon Lee many years ago, which I'll paraphrase: the fastest punch in the world from a well trained martial artist is only 1/10 of a second faster than a completely untrained bar brawler. a martial artist trains so that punch 10 or 20 is as fast and accurate as punch one. training removes obstacles from repetition of a task, and prepares you for the effects of adrenaline when the stress hits. an untrained person deals with all of that noise.

    so as you say, drill with your weapon of choice, train to do everything you'd like to be able to do in a fight, and train to be able to keep doing it again and again. that's how you develop skill and discipline, and also, confidence.

  9. WillyDubbleU says:

    See, I always agreed with the "Run Forest, Run!" and it always made sense when people said, "Knife fighting is nothing but a duel, all show because they're just going to prison stab you!" To that, I always thought environmental awareness was the answer, I can tell when someones shifty, and I look for body indicators and hand placement, but you're the first person to point out running as a "technique". I'm overweight, but I lift weights, so I'm not weak, however cardio is NOT my strong suit, so if I were to run and said person chased me, I would probably end up dead. The idea of "Turn it into a duel!" Makes more sense for someone such as myself.

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