6 thoughts on “Knife Fighting / Knife Training / My favorite Knife — Survival Reality

  1. IR says:

    I appreciate the video..  I recommend a Ka-Bar TDI large "shark teeth" version horizontal mount in a quick draw position on the belt towards the front.

  2. Charles Jones says:

    OK, I made it to 8 mins. Please don't take this as a personal run down, you may be the reincarnate of Chuck Norris, Steven Segall, Bruce Lee, Audy Murphy all put together in one bad mother fucker. My hang up is the fact that your breathing hard talking to a camera, obviously do not train and/or workout, and your giving "instructions"/" advice " to people who watch these videos on YouTube and think the're fucking killers after twelve mins of dribble. How about a disclaimer stating your not an instructor, these are only your opinions, and any and all material, instruction, and advice within the video is just that bullshit in a YouTube video and should be used with all available prejudice so you will not wind up choked out and/or cut from crown to ground because some of these mother fucking retards watching this shit will really believe the're good to go and that you have unlocked the FORCE for em, and not only that, but you have bestowed upon them the secret of the ring or some shit. Come on dude don't get people fucked up for free

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