KNIFE FIGHTING: Is Throwing a Knife a Good Idea & Why?



KNIFE FIGHTING: Is Throwing a Knife a Good Idea & Why? Dmitry Tamoikin No living trees were harmed during this video. Please practice your awesome knife

12 thoughts on “KNIFE FIGHTING: Is Throwing a Knife a Good Idea & Why?

  1. ScarryKid Scarlett says:

    Now I've seen it!^^ interesting thing. I would've never thought of throwing a knive in close battle combat. But in my opinion it would be better to have at least one second knife. You never know what your oponent does with the one you throw at him. Yeah it hurts him but if he's not deadly injured he could just take it and you have now no weapon against a knife. Always carry more than one weapon like you explained in one of your axe videos. For me it's definetly a Karambit under my shirt (also for a woman the best place to hide it and in case of an attack i could just follow him up my shirt and draw the knife along his arm) also I usually wear heavy boots where I can easily hide a little fixedblade inside. I love it to hide blades xD and again it gives me courage because I know I could defend myself. I also noticed that in most situations the way you walk and look makes some people to just avoid you even as a woman. Well okay I mostly wear black and in the dark I am the most threatening looking person xD

  2. David Bevis says:

    Thank you for the video, your instructions are very clear and you make it easy to understand what to do
    27:30 is that a deer walking around in the background that close to you? That's amazing!
    *I just realized that you pointed the deer out again at 29:32 lol

  3. Frank Kelly says:

    He's pretty good, but I'm a lot better I'm just realizing. I can throw a knife with a good degree of accuracy from 10-15 feet. I usually spin the knife in the air once or twice on it's way to the target, depending on the weight, dimensions and aerodynamics of the weapon. Self taught through boredom.

  4. TheHelleri says:

    I'm unconvinced that it would penetrate deeply on a human target. I've done a lot of test cutting (most of it not on video, some of it I have uploaded). I've done a lot of throwing as well. And I have seen a lot of test cutting and throwing that demonstrates just how effective normal clothing is at deflecting the tip of a blade. A human is also a target (bodily and considering clothing) that has a lot more give.

    It may very well stick someone. But the depth of penetration? Hard to say. It's going to depend a lot on the body mass of the person, their stance, what they are wearing etc. And with how quickly it goes from being in your hand to being in the target, would they realize they have been stabbed before they could return the favor to lethal effect? I simply don't feel it has fight stopping potential.

    Also how hard you are throwing it…That's never good to throw a knife so hard. There is always the potential for twang back when throwing any harder than it takes to carry a blade to the target. Note that some of your backhand throws which were significantly softer stuck just as firmly. I have seen a friend get stuck in the shin by twang back. It's not pretty. I also feel that you have bad wrist to arm alignment with most of your point up thrusts. I would suggest you consider a handshake or even a saber grip for tip up thrusts. Because you can injure your wrist that way.

    I was with you most of the way on the axe technique. On this one though I simply cannot agree.

  5. SilverNight8a says:

    Hello Mr. Dmitry Tamoikin, hope you can read this and respond my coment, i like your videos, well at least the ones i can understand… i dont know who are you(i mean if you are military person, sport person or martial artist, wondering about that), first time watching, but i like that you make this videos without editing(watching throw a knife and fail sometimes is good to know that your doing it for real), or at least i think you dont edit much, its more interesting to me, about the knives, i would like to ask you, could you please make a video for knive fighting? i mean to know a bit properly… my interest is more to learn how to have selfdefense with a knife…

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