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7 thoughts on “KNIFE FIGHTING in Baltimore

  1. FOXTR0T1 says:

    ive learned most of this stuff in my jui jit su class and let me just re-interate DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. it may look simple but you can seriously hurt the person who is training with you. it is harder to be the guy getting beat down then to be the defender

  2. Odom1992 says:

    I agree with the previous comment, I do Karate and so much of it revolves around sport it loses the element of self defence.

    Wish you guys would come round here in England.

  3. CNCTEMATIC says:

    great vid. big difference between sport techniques and real survival stuff. you'd never see stuff like this taught for "the ring", which unfortunately is how so much MA is judged these days.
    can I ask – how tall are you Luke?

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