Knife Fighting: Forward Grip Vs reverse Grip

Knife Fighting: Forward Grip Vs reverse Grip What Would Be Better In A Real Life Scenario? Dose It Really Matter? You Decide! Surviving A Knife Fight Is The …

8 thoughts on “Knife Fighting: Forward Grip Vs reverse Grip

  1. Rebel Yell Productions says:

    Reverse grip all the way. Im 6 foot 2 so i have no reach issues plus reverse is much easier to control and handle the knife. It presents more opportunities to counter attacks and disarm/disable the attacker using a combination of arm bars and throws alongside manipulation of the knife. But I was always told you fight with a knife however you're holding it. If you pull it out blade forward you better know how to fight that way because good luck changing it mid altercation. So be proficient at both but in my opinion anytime I can I go for reverse.

  2. trap3400 says:

    Forward grip in most situations. There is no reason to use reverse grip in knife combat except when you are on top of the threat, he on top of you, or behind you.

    SEALS, spetsnaz, SAS teach their guys to use reverse grip as a default. This is because alot of their training has to do with manipulating an opponents arm when he makes a thrust (with forward grip) in a number of ways. These are advanced training that take years to master, otherwise reverse style is not worth it. You will get stabbed. Spec ops training is for spec ops, civilian training is for civilians. Besides for their missions knives are primarily used to silently neutralize a threat, not in knife vs knife combat.

    So if you're squaring up against a spec ops guy, your forward grip would still give you the obvious advantages but your thrusts will also give him opportunity to do many things like, disable your arm with a slash, knock the knife out of your hands, grab your hand and subdue you etc. Doesn't mean you shouldn't use thrusts though cause you could still land a lucky stab.

    But if you're not trained like one also, there is no reason to use a reverse grip.

  3. chris fitz says:

    Awesome videos guys i'm learning a lot by watching your videos and my choice would be Reverse Grip because its better for close range work and In that position you can use the blade to trap as well as cut and thrust and it is much harder for someone to strip the knife out of the grip for a disarm……. Keep going with the videos  guys!

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