knife fighting for us?



How to defend against a knife. knife fighting. military knife fighting. RSM Wolfe. Bill Wolfe

5 thoughts on “knife fighting for us?

  1. rbt4rbt says:

    I'll have to watch some of your other vids. I know in a knife attack, doing something sure is better than doing nothing, but I also see that a huge majority of martial arts knife defense vids are pure BS, I don't care what their name is or how popular they are. BS is BS.

  2. Robert W says:

    Another quick comment…I've seen some of your other training clips. Your approach is clean, direct, and real…and not merely a super-technical set of movements the success of which (being fine motor movements) is highly unlikely in a violent assault. Thanks…robert in NC

  3. Robert W says:

    Mr. Wolfe,

    As a former student of Pekiti Tirsia kali, while it was great training, it often (though not necessarily always) turned into more of a artistic drama than training for street defense for a typical person. This is not a knock on all FMA..just some who get into them like how many get into the ground-game of street-silly grappling.


    robert in NC

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