Knife Fighting Drills : Kali / Arnis / Eskrima – Cabanatuan , Nueva Ecija, Philippines

The terms kali, arnis and eskrima all refer to the same art, the weapons-based fighting system indigenous to the Philippines. The Philippines is an island country …

21 thoughts on “Knife Fighting Drills : Kali / Arnis / Eskrima – Cabanatuan , Nueva Ecija, Philippines

  1. bladesociety says:

    @walking1way Hello, JKing! Thanks for watching the video, kabayan! Unfortunately, Kali is best learned via buddy system. There are solo drills you can do, such as double stick drills, but won't get the full benefit of the techniques if you don't have someone to practice them with. Or practice them ON.

  2. bladesociety says:

    @toyhut2 Your question is valid, my friend. The common denominator among the arts you mentioned is the central tenet of taking down an opponent as fast as possible, in the first few seconds of a fight. These drills are meant to incapacitate at the initial contact. If the fight goes beyond that, as it sometimes does, things may not have gone the way we hoped, but we're adaptable. If you wanna brawl, we can do that. If you wanna scrap, we can scrap. If you wanna grapple, we can grapple.

  3. bladesociety says:

    @villagetanod Sir Roland, your words mean so much to me! To receive such a comment from someone I look up to is so great an honor! Thank you very much, sir! Mabuhay ang Isla Mandirigma Kali – Kali De Leon!

  4. toyhut2 says:

    I dont mean to sound disrespectful, but why is it you have all these training drills but when you see kali, wing chun, or even JKD practitioners in a street fight it just looks like a brawl? Please answer me.

  5. WarriorBoy says:

    I can't remember what game the music in this vid is from, Shinobi? Anyways, excellent drills and techniques, your student is awesome for picking it all up so smoothly and so quickly, very cool!

  6. Steven J. Anderson says:

    That`s the secret of very good 2-man drills . They train a man quickly by repetition , feeling , and conditioning ; and , when he is in a Real fight , he reacts and fights without conscious thinking , and he wins quickly . Thanks for sharing . Best Wishes !

  7. bladesociety says:

    @spildaleidodomo Thank you, Tony! I have only been training him for less than 2 weeks by the time this video was taken, and I am amazed with how fast he's absorbing the drills and techniques.

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