knife fighting Ch.1 Selection & Grip

Basic knife fighting. This is not a substitute for personal instruction in weapons fighting. on the other hand one is not likely to run into weapons training in a typical …

4 thoughts on “knife fighting Ch.1 Selection & Grip

  1. Gabriel Geer says:

    @raysetiger285 Oh you mean the naruto Kunai? I dont know I use the flat ones but I dont really like them. but its good to learn to use any kind of weapon we encounter I guess. but historically I dont think they existed until the anime or movie industry made them up– they look cooler than the real ones.

  2. raysetiger285 says:

    and whats your opinion on the kunai used in pop culture? the ones with the dimond/arrow head shaped blade that are about 13 – 18 cms long and have a dognut ring at the other end of the handel

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