Knife fighting by Felix Valencia vol 1 part 1



Knife fighting by Felix Valencia.

9 thoughts on “Knife fighting by Felix Valencia vol 1 part 1

  1. MErazoPT says:

    Guro Felix Valencia taught at the 5th. National LEO Seminar for Police, Customs, Justice and Federal Armed Forces hosted by the German JJ Organisation.
    250 LEO's attended and Guro Felix was well received. Then Germanyl really sucks!!

    Just some short impressions

    Greetings from Germany


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  2. MErazoPT says:

    I just love how some people criticize a martial artist, when they are demonstrating, a series of techniques. Typically, when techniques or series of movements are taught, some techniques are possible applications, depending on the situation. When you see a sequence of techniques, in response, to lets say a punch, it does not mean, that it is exactly the way it will turn out or look, when you defend. Fly out to L.A and express your concern, as to what is/isn't practical, in his techniques.

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