Knife Fighting Basics – Kali Escrima Arnis



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21 thoughts on “Knife Fighting Basics – Kali Escrima Arnis

  1. Ancient X says:

    When practicing I noticed that I keep my left hand ( non dominant) on the bicep of my arm, is that wrong or something that is normal. I'm just starting and I dont have any classes or prior training so.

  2. Richard Koivisto says:

    My brother i watched your last knife video like a week ago by accident and 3 days ago i got in an argument in a bar and the guy was coming for me with a broken bottle. I did the diagonal ones and he tought i knew what i was doing haha. You Kinda saved me bro.

  3. Roger Williams says:

    My favorite of your lessons deals with the knife. I combine my Judo with my offhand, the first part of every throw is kozushi, off balance, so my offhand is pushing or pulling them in the direction (depending on their foot position) they are off balance…help them go that direction while using these knife techniques. When my partner isnt here, or when I want to practice inside, I like to go down the hallway and close these techniques up small inside doorways. Anyway, thanks so much Paulyou have helped this old Judoka with training and inspiration…and sometimes good dry humor, also !!

  4. Daniel Cunningham says:

    Quick question, Paul — when you show your jab, you often end up slapping the underside of your arm. Is there a purpose for that part of the move?
    Thanks for your work, and I'm enjoying your videos.

  5. Corey Rutherford says:

    The day you stop training the basics is the day you failed your martial art. It's the practitioner that makes the art not the art that makes the practitioner. Thanks for the video man GOD Bless stay safe.

  6. Chillum Villain says:

    There are supposedly some benefits to slashing to the chest, anatomically speaking. For instance, if you are only trying to disable your opponent without killing them you could target specific connective tissue, muscles, and ligaments that are needed in order to work limbs. I believe there is connective tissue that runs between the pectoral muscle and shoulder that is needed in order to throw punches, thrust, cut, etc… Just make sure you go deep enough to sever the connection.

  7. mordi 1 says:

    Thank you. In general I would suggest keeping the movements smaller and the weapon always in front of your body. Large sweeping movements may lead to the opponent closing the distance and going for a take down. Respect.

  8. Jack Shen says:

    Developed a big preference for pikal with edge in, and just being more tip oriented. Makes things like heavier jackets and clothing less of a obstacle to penetrate. But you loose things like the traditional pass and slash gunting motions for counters. You gotta pass and stick, but coming from underneath and from the same direction as the passing hand is traveling, or else you risk stabbing / bringing their slash down into yourself

  9. Daniel Hunter says:

    Funny that ive seen so many people say AIKIDO for example does not work unless you're a 5th or 6th dan black belt. What they dont realize is so many martial arts have the same footwork or extremely close to it. That and people say that wont work because its whatever martial art but dont realize its the same thing with a different name.

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