Knife Fighting : About Filipino Knife Fighting

Filipino knife fighting is an aggressive, quick and effective form of martial arts. Learn this style of fighting with help from a martial arts expert and champion.

8 thoughts on “Knife Fighting : About Filipino Knife Fighting

  1. Rushne Dean says:

    We already know lots of tactics on how to kill and also to defend our selfs here in philippines mindanao the land of survival. .this tactics easy to learn and effective in counter attacks in terms of face 2 face combat. .

  2. Riqtube says:

    I disagree. His first strike is an angle 1 w/ what we call a "half beat" to follow up. The exact same first strike w/ a weapon I learned in FMA. Then again, there's like a billion Filipino arts, impossible to think they all start the same. No disrespect intended though.

  3. armynurseboy says:

    Funny thing about this is it shows nothing about what Filipino style is about. The hallmark of Filipino style is attacking the limbs first and foremost not going straight to the body. Defang the snake THEN close and finish with your opponent.

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