Knife Fighting 101: Lesson Four

Using simple rules of physics,Samir makes knife fighting 101 simple.With lesson four Samir shows simple rules of moving forward or backward,and only two …

13 thoughts on “Knife Fighting 101: Lesson Four

  1. Mightierthanever says:

    I would never close up that distance if that blade was in my hand. it's easy for you to be armed as well. I am going to use the tip as the distance maker in a true knife fight as the sharpest part of the knife is the tip and when it comes sweeping across it's like a giant can opener. Marc Tellier  905-317-0044

  2. NYWAORCANZ says:

    Excellent Excellent Excellent Video!

    economy of motion and economy of words

    just core solid common theme disarms which would work at full speed

    the way you spoke will allow the more experinced people to learn how to "jazz out" this concepts

  3. Samir Seif says:

    @ kalistrocity :To answer yes,i was cut on my left thumb,in the struggle for the jack knife.When i stripped it,the blade was short,and i came too low and the edge turned a bit.In the end though,i stripped it,he lost his knife,i gained my life.i didnt say it was fool proof,i didnt say you wont get cut.I do say it gives you a chance to survive.

  4. the red baron says:

    i find that disarms against someone that is familliar with them( a fellow classmate) is almost impossible but against anyone (martial artist or street fighter)after an initial eye gouge , knee strike or other painfull defense ups the success rate from zero to maybe. i will train hard as possible and accept maybe over nothing if i cant run first. good video.

  5. Samir Seif says:

    @kali4lifept I will never agree that's it's impossible to strip,lock smash a weapon out of someones hand,because then you simply allow the attacker to kill you when your only defense was to run and you can't run.I do agree disarming a trained knife expert without a knife is near impossible…

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