Knife Fighting 101- Black Scout Combatives

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42 thoughts on “Knife Fighting 101- Black Scout Combatives

  1. Chasin' Aces says:

    Just finished this. I love this man. Great training. All this content is stuff any new person can apply and live by with a knife. The
    "defang the snake" lesson alone is worth gold. Awesome man!

  2. Markus Antonious says:

    Having had a knife pulled on me…(I ran, got cornered, pulled out a pen as a final resort, by which time the attacker had presumably exhausted his ire and let me go)…and after which, having been keenly motivated to study/practice knife vs knife fighting – this is some of the best practical advice I've seen on youtube.

  3. DangerMou$e says:

    I trained Sayoc Kali for over a decade (as well as other fighting systems) & it is still always a lethal risk getting in a knife fight. You can minimize your risks w/ a good bit of knowledge & muscle memory but don't engage unless it's an absolute last resort. If you do, the best defense is a quick lethal offense. Don't even give them the chance.

  4. Elias Noel says:

    I love that you put that point of keeping the knife in front. You look at any sword or blade system from classical martial arts and fencing and the power side (blade) is always forward. The idea of putting the defensive hand in front comes from boxing and in my opinion already puts you at a disadvantage. Interestingly enough your guard is very similar to jkd which itself lends from fencing.

  5. ByteOfTerror says:

    I was attacked by an unarmed man. (someone I know). he threw several punches as I dodged and tried to get away. when I couldn't I drew my edc blade and stabbed him on the inside of his bicep as he went to throw a punch. he ran away I called police and he was arrested and I was not charged with anything. self defense is never "fair" as an American I'm allowed to use necessary force to defend my life Wether the attacker is armed or not.

  6. Bbb Hhh says:

    The only way i see a knife being used if you're being attacked is if it escalated from an argument because robberies and attacks are quick and they'll be too close to draw a knife

  7. Gleaming Tyger says:

    Your videos are very informative and entertaining. You deserve more subscribers, and thank you for serving our country. My father and brother served in the Marines as well. They both watch your vids, keep up the good work.

  8. Dragan Mestrovic says:

    He is right. Avoid a knife fight. Otherwise it becomes a bloody experience for booth parties. To fight with a knife and "maybe" survive it needs a lot of training, years of training with skilled instructors. On YouTube nobody will learn these skills. Great video and great advise.

  9. Kaliman99208 says:

    Ive been training in JKD/Kali since 1999 under Chris Kent. Thank you for saying never use your EDC knife to cut anything other than when needed to defend yourself with ! I constantly have to remind my wife in particular that uhhh… no, you cant use this knife to open that box! lol I too am telling people that all the time. I actually carry two or three combative knives along with a "other" knife for general task like opening a box or something. Anyways, In the Filipino Martial Arts we call that "de-fanging the snake" when cutting someones arm as they slash or stab at you. Good job on the video! cheers!

  10. johan van der sandt says:

    Roughly 3 months ago I decided to go to my local shop which is no more than 200m from my house so I thought why not just quickly walk to the shop. Earlier that day I had found a knife that used to belong to my father but has become rather rusty and damaged so i spent the Saturday afternoon cleaning it and fixing what I could thinking that this knife not only held some sentimental value but i can carry it every day for my EDC. 

    That evening i took my "new" knife and wallet and set off. I wanted to know how it would compare in weight and size to my other pocket knife. This decision would prove to be a wise one as not even 15 minutes later I was attacked. 

    Admiringly walking around at night alone is not a good idea even if you are a big strong guy. Approximately 50 meters from my home 3 men started to cross the street in my direction. Not in my general direction or to pass me by but for me. When they were appropriately 15 meters from me one pulled out a knife and flicked it open. I knew I was in trouble. 2 years prior they attempted to high jack me at knife point and although I fought them off and won I was cut badly and required alot of stitches. The second time around I had a knife but I was being surrounded by one guy with a knife and one with a tazer. I stepped up against a wall hoping to eliminate the flanking that the inevitably wanted to employ. And then it began. 

    As the knife guy came in ice pick style seeking an opening the moment I turned my back i felt impacts but I knew that the main threat was the knife guy. I lunged at his attacks and managed to cut him a few times while simultaneously fending off the tazer guy. The third attacker kept lookout and two minutes later they retreated. 

    I initially felt no pain as i was pumped up from all the adrenaline but then decided to go back to corner garage and seek help. Thats when they pointed out that my thumb had been cut badly and I was bleeding on my shoulder and back. 

    After an agonizing trip to the doctor, the tally came down to 9 wounds and over twenty stitches. I thank God that it went so well as many, many others don't survive their first encounter with armed criminals much less a second one.

  11. riulmax101s second Channel says:

    I lost my son last Feb.2016..he worked in paramilitary.. He was a true hero who wanted to serve our county but was unable to join the military due to asthma ..My son always made us all feel so safe.. with him gone I worry about the safety of our family. btw I think he would have loved your channel.. We had a plan when he was alive..but now we are lost.. and I dont know where to begin with the security of our family… ( I do keep two of his knives close at hand.. also have several that can be carried around the neck..etc.. ) any advice would be great… I am an older women..( was a bartender by trade and never closed a bar and walked out without my knife in hand…) dont know if it was luck and caution that kept me safe.. perhaps a little of both.. however now that I am older I worry that I wont have the quick response time I had in my youth.. ty again for your videos's..

  12. psychnstatstutor Chart your course to success says:

    It's unfortunate that you didn't mention, whilst focusing on women in a dark alley, that almost consistently the stats show 80% plus of women will have the weapon used on them during an attack.
    I have my keys/pen/v sharp pencil in my hand for dark alleys I must navigate ~:-) Likely it will do me less damage if I lose control of it…all I need to do to the attacker is get them distracted so I can bolt. Power of the pen!

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