Knife Fighting 1.0 – Basics

Knife Fighting Basics This is the beginning tutorial of knife fighting basics and the second stage in our self-defense course. Here I demonstrate the Pyramid …

11 thoughts on “Knife Fighting 1.0 – Basics

  1. Sakan Lam says:

    Thank you for your feedback! You make a very good point… knife fighting and knife defense are not the same. The major reason why I state that this will help you defend against a knife is because that it will make you respect how lethal and dangerous a knife can be.

  2. xekxkox says:

    cool concept! most of my "knife fighting" is PTK, so we do not have the pyramid. It seems like a really good learning tool. The one piece of advice: don't forget that knife FIGHTING and knife defense is very different things. Attacking with a knife does NOT come at these angles and putting yourself into a mindset where you think knowing how to knife fight is the same as self defense can be dangerous! I only say bc at start of video you mention that knowing this will help defend against knife.

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