7 thoughts on “Knife fight LD vs Cougar

  1. TTok33 says:

    that little kiddy bullshit is supposed to be "played" that way. I'm not sure if it's a real knife, cuz it has to be. not razor sharp, but sharp enough to cut you if you make a mistake. the moves have to be slow so that they go into your unconscious memory. then when the shit hits a fan your body will do the same moves but 10 times faster. again, these kids are just beginners. they do make mistakes, their technique isn't perfect, but they are on the right track. kudos!

  2. TTok33 says:

    some of it won't work against the real fast cuts and thrusts. but there is no power behind them anyway. so why bother? you'll get cut no matter how good you are. the point is not to get killed!
    the technique they're demonstrating here comes from a Russian military. it's been proven to work. period.
    anyhow give 'em a break they are not experts 😉 though in a couple of years I'm pretty sure these kids will kick ass… will cut ass to be precise 😀

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