KNIFE FIGHT! | Katja Glieson & Amanda Cerny w Kyle Rowling

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27 thoughts on “KNIFE FIGHT! | Katja Glieson & Amanda Cerny w Kyle Rowling

  1. Potent says:

    Can't wait for the video Amanda and you are training for to come out! Breakfast was a bowl of brown rice with a little bit of grass fed butter and a big cup of green tea

  2. Everything Jonas says:

    the talk about magnetic fields was awesome. I actually couldn't wear a watch as a child because my watch batteries would die within 2 days, and it was 2 expensive to keep replacing them. we asked my doctor about it once and he said that I had a high magnetic field, I didn't even know that was possiblrle! anways it reminded me of something I went through, and it is also indeed true that people can have high levels of magnetic energy in their bodies!

  3. OoooSHOOKoooO says:

    Whatever I feel like eating for breakfast, I'm 27 and still love chocolate milk and French toast for a breakfast meal. When my broke foot heals a little more ill start adding a protein shake.

  4. Nabil Myron says:

    magnetic field? wait….you have powers too??? I once had a dream I could levitate items using my mind and woke up with my finger on my temple as my curtains came down. it might just be coincidence or I might just be crazy. I am losing my hair tho. #BlackProfessorX

  5. Rene Aparicio says:

    i´m love with your eyes, i was using you channel to practice my listening skills , some vloggers and youtubers and i have to say that you were really hard to understand at the beggining but now i'm pro hearng what you say .BE ORIGINAL,NEVER CHANGE.

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