43 thoughts on “knife fight 101

  1. TheseusTheDestroyer says:

    maybe while you're up stabbing his throat might as well stick it ABOVE his adams apple getting his brain stem and you save two strikes and he's dead instantly. no trigger pulling, no screaming, he wont even know what hit him, literally.

  2. KillaRobotAlienNinja says:

    haha, who taught you that?? That iz 3 stabz n a cut, plus u already had him grabbed from behind.It ain't like he waz actually trying 2 stab u now iz it? Btw, unless u Rambo (which u aint) ur not gona be strolling thru an orchard cuttin dudez up.

  3. donta finch says:

    a knife can stab tho a bulletproof vest as long a the tip of the knife comes to a very sharp point. instead of the vest displacing the energy the tip of the blade cut right tho

  4. Matt Howarth says:

    I don't think the US military wanted much to do with Royal Marine strategies in knife fighting, you know what our nations are like, we like to do the same but be very different

  5. mainmark25 says:

    hi friend,
    good job on the lesson. but i feel they(these allies) will one day become a problem for us.
    lets get prepare for the day,when they decide to bite the hand that taught."

  6. Dr.Trollish says:

    @whiteboypatrickkelly I don't think he means to do them in that order, those are just three different types of strikes you can use in that type of situation, then we was explaining what each one does. I don't think any military trained knife fighting class would teach that arm takeaway as the first move from behind an opponent. The point is to kill quickly and quietly.

  7. Oscar Bueno says:

    We had a staff sgt. go to malaysia for jungle tracking school when he got back most of us adopted the Ghurka Kukri as a sentry silencer opting for massive ligatures (chop him in the neck) vs the S.O.P. sentry romovals . I am looking for a combat knife but all I see is bells and whistles and namebrands being sold ny people who don't impress me as warriors. Anyone who has real world cqb experience have any prefferances?

  8. doomsdaymachine619 says:

    that saw forearm doest work anymore. There is a new arm twist, to actually stick the aggresor with his own knife. It is the same move you use when the aggressor uses knife to neck from behind. Lift grab, twist into apponent. You circle into the direction the aggressor is coming from.

  9. deguimerautube says:

    A few ways I'd prefer: Stab straight to the back of the neck, severing the connection of the brain to the body- instant rag doll….. Reverse grip, pull sling to choke, sever the connecting tissue to the fingers- then stab to neck… Cover mouth, stab lungs, hold for 10 seconds, drowns in own blood- no noise; cant scream.

  10. Andrew Curley says:

    OR .. you could grab his mouth and stab him in the base of his neck paralyzing him . leaving him unable to pull the trigger or retaliate . you sever his spine, he feels no pain and you stay alive.

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