Knife Expert Breaks Down The Hunted Sayoc Kali Knife Scene with Tommy Lee Jones | Scenic Fights



Pekiti Tirsia Kali Instructor Logan Lo breaks down the final showdown between Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro’s The Hunted (2003) in this episode of …

41 thoughts on “Knife Expert Breaks Down The Hunted Sayoc Kali Knife Scene with Tommy Lee Jones | Scenic Fights

  1. Thomas Kier says:

    There is a lot of things that happen in a Hollywood fight scene which effects the on screen action. First having to battle the stuntmen and what they want. Having to train actors with no MA background, dealing with directors who want a certain time frame to the fight and the story to be propelled and serviced through the fight. Balancing wardrobe, and script continuity, makeup and props. And then overall safety of lead actors. Well, you don’t always get to do everything you want or the way realities would dictate. It’s a process of figuring how to get as much good stuff into a big budget fight scene as possible with all those factors. We wanted to represent FMA as well as possible under those conditions.

  2. dontwaste 2nd chance says:

    Should do scenes from the MMA movie "Warrior". The Cinemax series "Warrior". The Netflix series" The Kingdom". I love what y'all do. Between my suggestions, there's too many fights to specifically say which one to cover so get to watchin!!!!! =]

  3. james wessling says:

    I know I'm late but thank you for what you do. When it comes to things like this I always love learning. There's always something new to learn or a new angle to looking at it from and I've learned a lot from your videos. Thanks again and stay safe out there. Fantastic channel.

  4. Don Luasco says:

    I wouldn't disagree with you here and at the same time not all the secrets are taught to outsiders. More so, styles do vary and since this was Hollywood, they had to really give it that "wow factor" which is cool but not practical. Thanks for spotting the holes and shining light on what could save anyone who would get cauhgt in a similar situation.

  5. Mr Silver says:

    Regarding the choke at the end, it seems like such a quick thing that I think the result it had on the fight was causing Del Toro to instinctively flinch away so Jones could get control. Not the best sequence by the numbers, but I could see a desperate, wounded fighter trying it. And I could see another desperate, wounded fighter flinching to it.

  6. BIGxBOSSxx1 says:

    When he said "When you are in a knife fight and you are unarmed, you want to be in one of two of what i consider are the two safest ways to be. One is prayer" I thought he meant it as a joke to start praying lmao

  7. Jake Butcher says:

    This scene was filmed a mile from where i grew up. They added a bunch of fake rocks to the river side. I played here as a kid catching periwinkles for fishing and it was really cool to see.

  8. Charlie Simar says:

    You guys are completely ignoring the effect that blood has in the fight. First, it's very slippery so any grips are problematic, and second, after a very short time shock and loss of blood pressure ends the fight. Of course, that's part of the attraction of the scene so I will just have to suspend my disbelief. BTW, do you guys analyze classic Chuck Norris scenes? I'll subscribe for that.

  9. RufescentEAGLE says:

    6:28 I don't understand why Del Toro decided to slash instead of stab. I mean he had a giant opening and it didn't seem like he made the best use of it. Could it be that he didn't want to risk the knife getting stuck and be left defenceless? Or I have heard that his character had no motivation to actually kill him.

  10. BabyGravy says:

    My opinion on why he dropped the knife into his hand instead of grabbing it was to misguide the opponent into thinking that he lost the weapon. But instead he catches the knife and by doing so surprised the opponent with a sneaky and swift blow.

  11. steven F says:

    1991 movie "The Knife" also called "The Grande Arte" It's an interesting movie where a photographer learns to knife fight to try to find out who killed one of his models.

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