KNIFE DRILLS for Solo Training – Filipino Escrima Arnis Kali

KNIFE DRILLS for Solo Training – Filipino Escrima Arnis Kali. Gain sensitivity and familiarity with the knife using this drill and advanced variations… Join the Kali …

46 thoughts on “KNIFE DRILLS for Solo Training – Filipino Escrima Arnis Kali

  1. GBlues1 says:

    It depends on the purpose I need it for. Camping I'd like a nice camping knife or machete. For fighting/defense a straight dagger in my opinion is the best. With at least a 3" blade and 6 is preferable.

  2. Erik Hasenauer says:

    All knives in my opinion have things I like and dislike about them. But currently I happen to like the Karambit now,the way it is designed like a tigers claw or tooth makes it an effective knife to slash with but also to manipulate your opponent. I was also wondering if you where ambidextrous before you practiced Kali?

  3. psychoactive dan says:

    I have been fixed blade knife handling for 25 years.. when I pick up a knife of an unfamiliar weight it sometimes takes a minute to adjust and really get on point..Even though this video is a very basic demonstration I can tell by some of your dialogue and movements that you are highly skilled.. doesn't drilling with a wooden replica throw you off?

  4. tim estrada says:

    Great drill. Years ago I trained with a guy that would switch grips off the body. I expanded that and started doing the drill that you just showed. I discovered it on my own and taught it to my guys… but I knew that there were others doing this as well because there's nothing new under the sun! Haha

  5. Paul Brady says:

    tanto design, a bit partial to Japanese blades. Just enrolled in your online course. So far so good. I like how you repeat the moves several times to let the camera pan wide after tight shots.

  6. Kali Center says:

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