Knife Disarms



The basics of disarming a knife. Things to think about while attempting to build the skill set.

9 thoughts on “Knife Disarms

  1. Richard Weddel says:

    First off Mikky, the system I learned had 9 angles of attack, with everything else belonging to a variation of one of those 9 angles. 45 degrees each way in a circle basically, from the top right to midsection, to mid right to midsection, and so on. With angle 5 being a frontal stab to the midsection.

    So, if someone was to try to slice my guts out, it would be angle 3,4 most likely, and I can defend against both 😉

    The angles aren't a limit also… someone isn't going 2 cut you at 45 precisely

  2. mikky jacksons says:

    1. No
    2. No, it's impossible. At least without getting seriously seriously injured
    3.There is no training for an assassination. The only training is running or don't get yourself in that situation in the first place
    4.You're right, I don't understand your training model because it is unrealistic to say the least.

    Later and good luck with your false sense of security

  3. mikky jacksons says:

    Well you MUST have experience in disarming people with knives, because you just told me you do. Please tell me the 12 angles a person is limited to attack you. Does it include gutting you like a pig and strangling you with your own guts?

  4. Richard Weddel says:

    Dude, stop arguing. I just wrote you something back on another video along the same premise. First off, in most weapons systems, they teach you 9 angles of attack or 12 angles of attack, and then you learn to intercept along those angles. Every other attack is just a derivative of that angle, and you follow the basic disarm pattern for that angle. Unless you have any martial arts know-how or have had to use knife disarms in your life, stop arguing because you have no experience as back up. I do.

  5. CounterforCounter says:

    This will be my last response to you, because honestly I doubt it will lead anywhere.
    1. Have you seen the rest of the videos? I address those concerns.
    2. You mean it's difficult to stop someone with a weapon? No shit Sherlock.
    3. I didn't close the distance,, the attacker did. You have to train for that because it might happen.
    4. You are seeing one aspect of a bigger picture, clearly you don't understand the training model.

    Later and good luck with your training.

    I'm done.

  6. CounterforCounter says:

    @WildBillJP There aren't a million ways to be attacked. The knife can only enter from a limited amount of angles. More importantly, I don't think you understand the premise of the argument, but that is neither here nor there and I'm sure will only lead to my feeling of more 'banging my head against the wall' type conversations.
    This is merely one framework to begin a discussion.
    Short answer . . ."No shit Baby Einstein, but sometimes you don't have a choice. You can't teach everything at once."

  7. CounterforCounter says:

    These are common disarms in the Filipino arts. Most Filipino systems teach variations of them. I have had a few instructors over the years, so I couldn't honestly tell you who taught me each disarm, lol.

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