Knife Disarms with Ron Balicki & Diana Inosanto | Many Lessons, One Takeaway!



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19 thoughts on “Knife Disarms with Ron Balicki & Diana Inosanto | Many Lessons, One Takeaway!

  1. Renchi says:

    i feel a little sorry for him, two masters not gonna let him quite easily unless he master it. his face was like " please master let me go home"

  2. Doctor McGoveran says:

    love to ya bro..I love that initial cali style strike to the fore arm and the big loop pushing the the knife hand towards him, but I am way to ignorant to do much more.If I get that arm pushed down and chased around in a circle and catch it with one hand I will grab it with both hands any way I can get a hold of it. the wing chun fellow said "control the weapon at all costs".I am not letting go to grab the thumb base I am not trying to knock that knife out of his hand, while I try to hold on with one hand. I will be kicking shins stomping feet trying to stab the guy with his own hand, biting beating that hand on anything handy, twisting that arm out of the socket.You are correct about "don't let them pull the weapon, and grabbing those hands." I am not nearly so polite as you are the second they reach for that weapon I grab those hands and head butt them as fast as I can, and push. them back wards as fast as I can, as far as I can.Hope fully when they fall I will be on top of them driving the other guys elbows in the ground with all my weight on my hands.I really love the video but I am not that skilled.

  3. DYWW says:

    Pretty sure that thumb grab won't work. Might have better success getting it if you focus your chi. Definitely have the same result – getting yourself stabbed multiple times.

  4. Trevor Heath says:

    wow this was a pleasure to watch, this form of teaching is fantastic in my view, once repeated many times becomes second nature and flows naturally. I would love to attend your classes!

  5. J Furr says:

    I liked the beginning and retention/stopping the knife pull, 2 on 1 control etc…and then they did the knife pass and wrist stuff. Shoulda quit while they were ahead. Any kind of fine motor skill takeaway when it comes to knife in a stress situation is no bueno in my book.

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